Basic policy and approach to environmental management

Environmental Considerations for Procurement

Green Accreditation System Introduced That Takes Biodiversity and Environmental Risk into Consideration

document: Green Accreditation Guideline

In April 2006, the Mitsubishi Electric Group introduced a Green Accreditation System based on the Green Procurement Standards Guide established in September 2000, and revised in July 2014. The Group is working to minimize environmental risks by evaluating the status of environmental management system accreditation acquired by suppliers, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, and management of chemical substances contained in products, while at the same time certifying suppliers that meet the Company's criteria and standards. When it comes to the status of chemical substance management, all evaluations are conducted taking into consideration aspects such as changes to regulations.

In fiscal 2011, Mitsubishi Electric added consideration for preserving biodiversity as an assessment criterion of the Green Accreditation System. We have also implemented a means of confirming whether or not our business partners have introduced initiatives to preserve biodiversity as well.

Regarding Japanese and overseas suppliers of manufacturing materials essential to Mitsubishi Electric's manufacturing activities, our Green Accreditation rate is currently 99% and we will continue to aim to achieve 100% in the future.