Fiscal 2019 environmental data

Environmental Performance Data

Results of Activities in Fiscal 2019

Reducing CO2 from Production

graph: Plan for Reducing CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions from Production
  1. Note: Emissions of CO2 and non-CO2 greenhouse gases are displayed in whole numbers after being rounded to the nearest whole number. As a result, there is a difference between the sum of these figures and total greenhouse gas emissions for fiscal 2019.
  2. *1 Base year for CO2: Mitsubishi Electric parent company, fiscal 1991; affiliates in Japan, fiscal 2001; and overseas affiliates, fiscal 2006.
    Non-CO2 greenhouse gases: Mitsubishi Electric parent company and affiliates in Japan, fiscal 2001; overseas affiliates, fiscal 2006.
  3. *2 Figure published by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA) in 1997
  4. *3 Figure published by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan at the time of drawing up the 8th Environmental Plan (in 2013, when two nuclear power stations were operational)
  5. *4 Figure published by JEMA in 2006 has been referred to when calculating the overseas emission coefficient.
  6. *5 Figure published in IPCC's Second Assessment Report (1995) was referred to when calculating the global warming coefficient of non-CO2 greenhouse gases.

Contribution to Reducing CO2 from Product Usage

graph: Plan for Reducing CO<sub>2</sub> from product Usage through Improving Energy Efficiency
graph: Contribution to Reducing CO<sub>2</sub> from Product Usage

Reducing CO2 from Logistics

  • graph: Total CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions in Distribution
  • graph: Fiscal 2019 Composition Ratio of Transport Volume by Transport Means

Effective Utilization of Resources

  • graph: Total Waste Output Mitsubishi Electric
  • graph: Total Waste Output Affiliates in Japan
  • graph: Total Waste Output Overseas affiliates

Reducing Resource Inputs

graph: Plan for Reducing Resource Inputs

Recycling End-of-Life Products

graph: Recycling of Four Kinds of Mitsubishi Electric Home Appliances in Japan

Reducing the Use of Disposable Packaging Materials

  • graph: Packaging Materials Usage and per Net Shipping Weight

Using Water Effectively

graph: Plan for Reducing Water Usage per Unit of Sales
graph: Trends in Water Usage and Water Recycling Volume

■Breakdown of Sources of Water Intake in Fiscal 2019

Source Intake
Surface water*1 3,536,000
Groundwater 4,949,000
Seawater Not in use
Water generated from production*2 Not in use
Water purchased from third parties 2,392,000
Total 10,877,000 (all freshwater*3)
Intake at business sites in regions under water stress 71,000

(Units: kL)

  1. *1 Surface water: Based on CDP standards
  2. *2 Water generated from production: Water emitted in the development/mining processes of oil, gas, etc.
  3. *3 Freshwater: Water with a total dissolved solid (TDS) concentration of 1,000mg/L or less
graph: Fiscal 2019 Breakdown of Water Usage

■Fiscal 2019 Breakdown of Water Use by Overseas Region

Water Usage Waste Water
Total Usage Public Water
/Industrial Water
Groundwater River Water
/Spring Water
Total Usage Sewage Public Water System
China 807,288 805,032 0 2,256 679,510 670,763 8,747
Southeast Asia 1,074,941 1,060,400 14,541 0 594,042 516,526 0
Europe 20,765 20,765 0 0 14,915 6,865 0
North America 81,705 81,005 0 0 81,005 81,005 0
Central and South America 41,916 39,526 2,390 0 37,349 5,654 5,644
Total 2,026,615 2,006,728 16,931 2,256 1,406,821 1,280,813 14,391

(Units: m3)

■Breakdown of Water Discharged in Fiscal 2019

Water Drainage Volume
Surface water 3,808,000
Groundwater 14,000*1
Seawater None
Water discharged into third-party drainage facilities*2 4,722,000
Total 8,545,000 (all freshwater)
Drainage at business sites in regions under water stress 58,000

(Units: kL)

  1. *1 Includes water eventually mixed with groundwater through the watering of green spaces on the premises.
  2. *2 Wastewater treatment may be outsourced to other companies in regions where sewage infrastructure is not in place.

■Water Reuse Ratio

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Mitsubishi Electric 33 30 30 29 30 33
Affiliates in Japan 48 45 41 40 40 35
Overseas affiliates 5.7 7.5 7.1 9.5 8 8
Total 32 30 29 28 29 30

(Units: %)

Managing Chemical Substances

diagram: Managing Chemical Substances

Environmental Accounting

graph: Environmental Accounting

Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Classroom

  • graph: Result of Fostering Leaders for Outdoor Classroom
  • graph: Numbers of Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Classrooms Held
graph: Plan for Increasing Number of People Participating in Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor Classroom and "Satoyama" Woodland Preservation Project