Risk management

Economic Security

In recent years, the struggle for leadership in the international community between the United States and China has intensified. Mitsubishi Electric Group operates businesses globally in both the US and China in a wide range of high-tech fields, including the defense and space business, and, therefore, economic security measures in each country of business are exerting significant influence on our corporate activities. In addition to compliance with individual regulations as we have been thus far, in order to keep up with the dynamic changes in the economic security environment, we have set up the Corporate Economic Security Division directly under the president. This division investigates and analyzes policy trends and legal systems as well as implements integrated risk management from a perspective of comprehensive economic security as it relates to companywide exports, information security, investment, and development.

We have also created a groupwide economic security system by setting up the Economic Security Secretariat in each department, the Economic Security Office in affiliated companies in Japan, and the Economic Security Administrator in affiliated companies overseas.