Risk management

Responding to Environmental Risk

The Mitsubishi Electric Group works to quickly discover latent risks in business activities that can impact or potentially impact the environment in a substantial way.

To prepare for an accident or emergency that involves an environmental risk such as groundwater or soil pollution, the handling of waste, or the malfunction of an environmental facility, head office divisions, manufacturing facilities, R&D centers, branches, and affiliates in Japan and overseas have developed detailed risk descriptions and procedure manuals that specify departmental responsibilities. Mitsubishi Electric also anticipates the possibility of accidents, complaints, or violations of the law arising on the side of construction subcontractors or companies working under outsourcing agreements, and informs these outside parties of our risk response procedures and disseminates the proper procedures in their respective organizations.

Each organization runs a test at least once a year to determine if the managers in charge are capable of appropriately responding to an emergency. The tests simulate an emergency that has the potential of occurring, to determine whether initial responses, provisional measures, and communication methods properly function in regard to environmental accidents. When problems are uncovered, the procedures are revised and the new version is publicized throughout the organization.