Communication with stakeholders

Measures for Internal Dissemination

The following initiatives have been implemented to ensure sustainability has reached every part of our company.

Sustainability Lectures for Executives

Lecture presentations are held by experts who are asked to speak about changes in social perspectives and the latest industrial trends concerning sustainability to Mitsubishi Electric executives and members of the Sustainability Committee (the former CSR Committee). These lectures are a good opportunity to reconfirm the importance of sustainability to the executives.

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    CSR Lectures for executives

  • photo: CSR Lectures for Executives 2

Sharing of Sustainability Information in Conferences of Mitsubishi Electric Group Administrative Managers

photo: Conference of administrative managers of Group companies

Conference of administrative managers of Group companies

Twice a year, general managers of the administrative departments of affiliate companies in Japan gather in a conference to discuss compliance and other related matters. In response to the increasing importance of sustainability in recent years, the conferences are now not only a forum for sharing information on Group-wide sustainability policies and best practices related to sustainability, but are also an opportunity for the managers to think about the significance of sustainability to each company. Through these conferences, continued efforts will be made to raise the level of sustainability for the entire Group.

Sustainability Training for New Employees

Every year, sustainability training is held for new employees of Mitsubishi Electric to deepen their understanding of sustainability as a basic foundation of corporate management, to ensure ethics and legal compliance in their daily operations, and to instill the importance of addressing quality and environmental issues. The new employees learn that sustainability efforts must be made  by each employee in their daily duties.

  • photo: Implementing training for new employees (2018)(1)

    Implementing training for new employees (2018)

  • photo: Implementing training for new employees (2018)(2)

Sustainability Manager Training

Since fiscal 2017, Mitsubishi Electric has held training for sustainability managers from the company’s offices and affiliates in Japan. Through lectures and group discussions on the basic principles of sustainability, social demands, and the Mitsubishi Electric Group's sustainability initiatives, participants develop a greater awareness of their specific role as sustainability managers in their daily operations.

In addition, we have been distributing e-learning materials so that employees at Mitsubishi Electric and domestic and overseas affiliated companies will be able to learn about sustainability.

  • photo: Sustainability manager training

    Sustainability manager training

  • document: Sustainability (CSR) e-learning

    Sustainability (CSR) e-learning

Promoting Understanding of Sustainability through In-house Newsletters

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's initiatives concerning sustainability are shared through in-house newsletters that are distributed to Group companies both in Japan and overseas. They are published in Japanese and English so they can be read by as many employees as possible, and they provide a valuable opportunity for each and every employee to think about the sustainability of the Group as a whole.

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    Promoting understanding of sustainability through in-house newsletters

  • document: Promoting understanding of sustainability through in-house newsletters 2

President's Forum

Mitsubishi Electric holds the President's Forum, a meeting in which the president and employees have a conversation, at various workplaces. At the forum, the president directly communicates the corporate policy to employees while gathering input from employees covering a wide range of topics, including the operational issues at each office as well as opinions and requests regarding corporate matters. These inputs are then incorporated in the implementation of more effective measures.
In April 2021, the "President's Room" opened, whereby employees and the president can "talk" through email. By implementing these programs, the company ascertains the thoughts and feelings of individual employees while communicating the thoughts and feelings of the president.

Sustainability Considerations in Overseas Affiliates

photo: Exchange of views with overseas managers

Exchange of views with overseas managers

Overseas affiliates of the Mitsubishi Electric Group also hold committees for promoting sustainability and otherwise implement activities as needed for each region.

In fiscal 2020, efforts were made to disseminate Group-wide sustainability policies overseas. For example, sustainability was widely introduced in training programs for staff members of affiliates in the Asia region and programs for overseas management executives. Additionally, the company exchanged views on sustainability issues and Group-wide sustainability policies with managers of individual regions. We will continue making these efforts to increase the sustainability of the Mitsubishi Electric Group as a whole.