Communication with stakeholders

Results of Reader Surveys

Questionnaire-based Survey Conducted on the Sustainability Report

The Mitsubishi Electric Group conducted a survey questionnaire among its stakeholders in Japan regarding the Group’s sustainability initiatives and Sustainability Report 2020, resulting in responses from 600 individuals.

A portion of the survey results is presented here. The Group's initiatives were quite well-thought of overall, with the responders offering many positive options. They also raised certain issues. The Group takes these points seriously and will adjust based on them in future activities, with the Group as a whole seeking to push further forward on its sustainability efforts.

Survey summary and partial results


December 2020

[Questionnaire responders]

  • Japan
  • 600 persons
  • General population nationwide, men and women aged 15 or older (people with a strong interest in sustainability)

[Main questions]

  • Is senior management pursuing CSR initiatives in earnest?
  • Does the company have the framework that will allow it to implement CSR efforts as a total organization?
  • Are company initiatives truly moving forward?
  • Is the company engaging in dialogue with the relevant parties in its orbit?
  • Does the company consider ease of comprehension and access to information?
  • Please select all those items in the report that made a particular impression on you (e.g. evoked positive feelings, sparked interest, felt you could approve of it, etc.).
  • Are the Mitsubishi Electric Group's initiatives enough when it comes to crucial CSR issues?
photo: Results of reader surveys [domestically]
diagram: Results of reader surveys [overseas]
Comments on initiatives for CSR materiality
logo: Realize a sustainable society
Main comments received
・The company has a high awareness of CO2 emissions and a track record of acting to address them. (Female, age 35)
・The goals are precise and easy to understand. (Female, age 35)
・I wish the company would set higher goals. (Male, age 55)
logo: Provide safety, security, and comfort
Main comments received
・I like the company's attitude that the first step to customer satisfaction   is employee education. (Female, age 68)
・It is good that the company shows what it actually does to its products to ensure safety. (Male, age 47)
・The company clearly demonstrates that it puts customers first. (Male, age 63)
・It is unclear whether the company is appropriately implementing measures to prevent recurrence of serious faults such as "inappropriate actions in quality management" and "mistakes in product shipment inspections." (Male, age 65)
logo: Respect human rights and promote the active participation of diverse human resources
Main comments received
・From the data, I could see that the company thinks about creating an easy-to-work-in environment. (Female, age 33)
・I felt that the company has strongly recognized its past mistakes, incorporated them into future tasks to achieve the SDGs, and is now working to make improvements. (Male, age 36)
・While the company says it focuses on how to use human resources, it fails to provide the details of how it does so. I want to see more specific examples because the company uses abstract expressions. (Male, age 66)
・Given the COVID-19 pandemic, I do not think that the company can survive unless it accepts new working styles. (Male, age 49)
logo: Strengthen corporate governance and compliance on a continuous basis
Main comments received
・I sensed the company's commitment to continuously strengthening compliance. (Male, age 42).
・It is good that the outcomes shown in the figures suggest that the company is working seriously on this area. (Male, age 33)
・What the report proposes is excellent, but how the proposals can be put into practice is more important. (Male, age 86)
・I want the company to be 'clean' both inside and out. It would have been better if the report provided more detailed examples of the company's efforts. (Female, age 61)