Factory Automation

Core CompetenciesLeading-edge Development and Production

We Strive to Respond to Customers Needs in All Aspects of Our Production and Development Processes and Quality

Our goal is to develop products that our customers can use safely and reliably and to only deliver products that fully satisfy the needs of our customers. Mitsubishi Electric FA is highly regarded internationally for its efforts to improve quality in every process, whether product development, design or production, as well as in aftermarket service following delivery.
With flexible manufacturing processes focused on continuing our legacy and evolving, we provide high-performance, high-quality products that help make our customers more competitive.

Manufacturing Based on Leading-edge Production Lines and Technologies

In cooperation with our network of factories and overseas production bases, our mother factory in Nagoya, Japan, has developed systems and solutions, such as e-F@ctory, that are designed to optimize and strengthen manufacturing and production processes. This is demonstrated through the total "visualization" of the factory operations from ensuring the highest level of productivity and machine optimization to energy management applied throughout the total plant operation.

Nagoya Works (Nagoya, Japan)

Nagoya Works

Shinshiro Plant

Kani Plant

As the core factory of our FA business, Nagoya Works boasts an extensive line-up and network of FA products. Its global mission is to contribute to production throughout the world and become the No. 1 FA supplier to customers.

Fukuyama Works (Fukuyama, Japan)

Fukuyama Works utilizes its world-class power distribution and control technology to manufacture protective, measurement and control equipment. It also produces a wide range of ecological and economical energy-saving products.

Nakatsugawa Works (Nakatsugawa, Japan)

Nakatsugawa Works boasts vast expertise in the field of air distribution and conditioning control technology. It manufactures ventilators and industrial fans that create comfortable environments while saving energy.

Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corporation (Fukuoka, Japan)

This site provides solutions to various needs in the area of geared motors, hoists and vacuum pumps, which serve as driving sources for a broad range of equipment, from transport to food production.

Mitsubishi Electric Dalian Industrial Products Co., Ltd.

Founded as a production base for breakers, this site also manufactures inverters and electrical discharge machines today. It intends to further upgrade its production processes as a strategic overseas production base.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)

Founded as a production base for three-phase induction motors, but it now manufactures electric energy meter and die-cast parts, mainly for domestic use in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing servo, NC, and other drive control equipment. Production is local to meet the growing demand in China.

Mitsubishi Electric Low Voltage Equipmet
(Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing low voltage power distribution and control equipment. The company is responding to the expansion of our customers’ production facilities in China.

Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

We manufacture inverters, power distribution control devices, PLC and HMI, and we are building a manufacturing, sales, and service system that is responsive to the needs of the Indian market.

R&D in Line with Customer Needs

We identify new customer needs promptly and accelerate our R&D cycle to respond to those needs.

Core Development Processes

To develop products in response to diversifying needs, two core development centers have been created integrating the related departments of FA and Industrial Automation Machinery. These state-of-the-art centers maximise the technology synergies to produce world-class products.

FA Development Center
(Nagoya Works)

The FA Development Center pursues solutions for our customers’ diverse and advanced needs in the areas of control technology, networking, HMIs, complex software, drives etc.

FA Development Center No.2
(Nagoya Works)

We have established an experimental verification room able to be used for joint developments with customers and development partners. The sharing of technological data and expertise during the development process will reduce the development period.

Industrial Automation Development Center
(Nagoya Works)

The state-of-the-art development environment is capable of responding to trends for more compact features, higher precision, and higher speeds. The design, processing technology and service domains have been brought together to strengthen Mitsubishi Electric's total development power.

Comprehensive strength

To promote the development of competitive products and create technologies for the future we foster world-leading R&D activities whilst utilizing our network of overseas and domestic research institutes.

Advanced Technology R&D Center
(Amagasaki, Japan)

As an advanced technology base for all of Mitsubishi Electric's business areas, the R&D Center has many responsibilities: from the development of common infrastructure technologies and new products to the research and development of potential new businesses for the future.

Information and Technology R&D Center
(Kamakura, Japan)

The R&D Center plays an important role in creating new businesses and innovating existing ones through basic research and development in the areas of information, communications, and optical and electromagnetic technologies.

Development at the Global Level

We develop products that satisfy the needs of our overseas customers, propose new global-scale FA business plans, adopt cutting-edge technologies from overseas and promote other development activities, all from a global perspective.

European Development Center
(Düsseldorf, Germany)

In addition to investigating and researching cutting-edge technologies, the European Development Center develops products for the European market in the languages of the European countries, as well as working to obtain various EU standards and certifications.

North American Development Center
(Chicago, USA)

As a planning and development base for new products and new business creation in North America, the North American Development Center aims to incubate new FA businesses and investigate advanced technologies.

Chinese Development Center
(Dalian, China)

Based on close cooperation between sales departments and our mother factory, we are expanding our product lineup and developing new specifications for the Chinese market.

Indian Development Center
(Pune, India)

The company develops for the Indian market. Also, as a development base for the global market, it partners with other development bases to develop common technologies for FA equipment.

Enhancing Our Quality Control Systems

In response to our customers’ trust and confidence, we constantly review and reinforce our quality management system.

Anechoic Room

Manufacturing servo, NC, and other drive control equipment. Production is local to meet the growing demand in China.

LSI Evaluation Facility

Manufacturing low voltage power distribution and control equipment. The company is responding to the expansion of our customers’ production facilities in China.

Inspecting machining equipment performance

We exhaustively inspect the drive control and machining performance of machining equipment, testing to ensure continuing precision machining after delivery.