Factory Automation

Continuing support for our customers and partners during these difficult times

In the current circumstances we find ourselves, the situation in each country varies considerably due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the effects on the local population and the temporary regulations implemented by each Government and municipality.
Therefore we strongly recommend visiting our local Factory Automation websites to check on the current situation and levels of support that can be offered. Furthermore, in addition to the support offered directly by Mitsubishi Electric you will find on those sites contact details for further local technical distributors and System Integrators who will, subject to their own local conditions and regulations, also be available to help.

Additional self-support tools for when we cannot be there

In some cases local training schools and support services may be restricted to reduce the spread of the virus, however, you can still gain access to a wide range of services and support from extensive manuals, quick start guides and FAQs to on-line e-Learning. Additionally there are video tutorials and webinars covering many aspects of automation and solution building available on various social media such as Youtube.