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About Education and support

  • We offer e-learning courses programs in 17 languages, including English, Chinese and Thai. Use our programs to help your local staff in overseas production sites to gain fundamental technical skills.

  • These dictionaries contain references to more than 4000 words related to the world of FA. Use them to support and improve the communication between colleagues and local staff.

  • These glossaries contain more than 750 specialized technical terms associated with the use and operation of FA products helping to improve understanding and communication between businesses and local staff.

  • These phrasebooks can be used to support communication between local staff and Japanese engineers. The phrasebooks contain many everyday phrases as well as numerous examples related to the manufacturing environment.

  • These lexicon's are designed to support the on-site communication between Japanese engineers and local staff. For each word a relevant FA explanation and example sentence are provided.

  • For technical training, there is a set of DVD Training and textbook in your local language. Available in six languages.

Global Service Based on High Japanese Standards

Mitsubishi Electric's FA systems help manufacturing operations around the world.
Our local sales companies, branches and retail stores work together to meet local customer needs. Please contact us and find out how we can help.