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About Us


Initiatives Regarding Factory Automation Products Security

Mitsubishi Electric is working to maintain and improve the security for FA products of the company.

Vulnerability status of Factory Automation products

Click here for Vulnerability Information about Factory Automation Products.

Basic Security Policy for Factory Automation Products

Mitsubishi Electric is working to comply with domestic and foreign standards and specifications (IEC 62443, etc.) in order to provide secure and safe FA products.

Security Development Lifecycle practices

Mitsubishi Electric's Nagoya Works and Industrial Mechatronics Systems Works acquire IEC 62443-4-1 certification. The two certified Works are deploying the Security Development Lifecycle practices to satisfy customer needs for safe and secure solutions for factory automation and industrial-mechatronics products, such as programmable controllers, industrial PCs, FA sensors, human-machine interfaces, servo amplifiers, inverters, robots, CNCs, electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines and related software and services.

Security Guideline for Factory Automation Products

Security Guideline to provide information about our security approach for our FA products (FA product security) and some recommendations on the use of FA products.