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Customer Stories

Global Partner. Local Friend.

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FA System Integrator, Mexico

“Nexon Robotics is a business unit of Nexon Automation here in Mexico. We are focused on the sale of closed-box robotic solutions with customers in a wide variety of industries from Automotive to Food & Beverage. We are committed to delivering projects and services on time to our customers; this is our promise and our slogan. So we need partners that share that ideal, that’s why we work with Mitsubishi Electric.”

“It is a company that is concerned about its partners and integrators. They really go out of their way to help those who are just starting up. Programming and using Mitsubishi Electric’s MELFA robots is really intuitive and very simple – it’s a big help not to have to worry about that when we are putting complex systems together.”


Industrial Robots — MELFA

Smaller, lighter and faster robots that are capable of managing heavier loads, both in terms of weight and functionality. Advanced developments at Mitsubishi Electric include the addition of a dedicated motor and controller fitted with a T64-bit RICS chip set.

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Global Partner. Local Friend.

NEXON ROBOTICS are committed to delivering projects and services on time to our customers. Mitsubishi Electric's simply intuitive solutions help a lot to those who are just starting up.