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Car Parts OEM, India

Energy Saving project background

Rane Madras Limited is a major OEM of car parts that have, in addition to five factories in various locations in India, just build an exclusive new factory in Gujarat which is becoming a center of the automotive industry. In 2008, they embarked on a waste management project with Mitsubishi Electric. This was initiated because of power shortages and conservation needs due to production increases...

Rane Madras Limited started a project focusing on eliminating four wasteful inefficiencies. The drill that consumes energy because it keeps spinning even when it is not used, the use of a powerful motor when it's not needed, older and less efficient machines that waste power used, and finally the motor supplying more power to the press machines than they require. Mitsubishi Electric's inverter was the key device that helped eliminate the waste of power. Rane Madras Limited installed the inverter to all 546 machines in its factory.

Effect and Achievements of the Project

In the case of the pressing process, with the inverter, 98% of energy was saved. This project started in 2008 realized a significant reduction in annual power consumption of 3.8lakhs (0.38million units) in 2013.

Unit Consumption per Shift at Pressing Process

According to the project leader, it saves approx. Rs.30 lakhs* of electricity per year.

Deming Prize Global quality award

This project resulted not only in energy savings, but also motivated employees to be aware of saving energy. As a result, the first Deming Prize** in India was awarded. One of the important reasons that they received the award was for reducing energy costs.

* Approx.42,000 US Dollar
** Deming Prize Global quality award, created in Japan that recognizes organizations for their contributions to the field of Total Quality Management (TQM).


Invertor — FREQROL

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Product Information
Global Partner. Local Friend.

Rane (Madras) Limited is a part of the Rane group of companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of steering and suspension systems. Over the years Rane (Madras) Limited has grown to be the largest in the group, both in terms of size and turnover.