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[Using CAD data]
  • - By downloading CAD data, you consent to the terms of use given below.
  • - Uncompress (unzip) the downloaded compressed (zip) file.
  • - The basic format of the uncompressed CAD file name is:
    "Product model name (lowercase alphanumeric characters)" + "_file version" + "extension".
    • E.g.: Where the product model name is "L02CPU", the file version is "a" and the data format is "IGES"
      The file name is "l02cpu_a.igs".
  • - The names of the compressed (zip) files may not always match the product model name.
    For products with the same external shape, command files are provided using "the same CAD data product" as the representative model name.
    • E.g.:
Products with the same external shape Representative model name Compressed (zip) file name Uncompressed CAD file name
L02CPU L02CPU l02cpu_a.igs
  • - When the uncompressed CAD file name is different from the selected product model name (the external shape is identical), change the name to the selected product model name (lowercase alphanumeric characters).
  • - CAD data file formats
  • - CAD data is supplied in the file formats listed below.
  • - If data imported by customers cannot be read correctly, import the data in a different format (STEP).
CAD format Extension Version
2D DXF .dxf R14
DWG .dwg R14
3D IGES .igs 5.3
STEP .stp AP203
  • - CAD data models
  • - Details of shape data are partly simplified to reduce the file size.
  • - Shapes that are not essential to layout considerations are omitted. This includes chamfering, corner radii, draft angles, screw threads, detailed screw head shapes, etc.
  • - CAD data models should be used for pre-design only.
  • - The content of CAD files is subject to change without notice for the purposes of product improvement, etc.
  • - CAD data does not guarantee specifications of Mitsubishi Electric products. Mitsubishi Electric accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising from the use of CAD data.