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Controllers - Motion Controllers Dimensions/CAD

About copyright, and the operating environment, notes

Motion controller



Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  • (1) Operating Environment
    • - Download the compressed file.
    • - When expanded, the compressed file will generate DXF or DWG files. Import the data into your CAD software.
    • - Mitsubishi Electric has confirmed that the CAD software applications below will read DXF files.
Format Extension CAD software Company
DXF .dxf Auto CAD 2005 LT
Auto CAD Release14J
Auto CAD 2002 LT
Autodesk Inc.
DWG .dwg Auto CAD 2005 LT
Auto CAD Release14J
Auto CAD 2002 LT
  • (2) Important
    • - Because DXF files are intermediate files, the data is not fully compatible. Some CAD software may not read the files completely.
    • - These DXF and DWG files were created using millimeters as the unit. Dimensions indicated are valid to 2 decimal places.
  • (1) Important Notes on Downloading
    • - The names of the downloaded compressed (zip) files may not always match the product model name.
    • - Decompress and use the downloaded compressed (zip) file.
    • - Generally, the basic format of the names of the decompressed 3D-CAD files is: "Product model name (lowercase alphanumeric characters)" + "_file version" + "extension". E.g.: Where the product model name is "LD77MH4", the file version is "a" and the data format is "IGES", the file name is "ld77mh4_a.igs".)
    • - Where the decompressed 3D-CAD file name differs from the selected product model name (the external shape is identical), change the product model name (lowercase alphanumeric characters) to be used.
  • (2) 3D-CAD data file formats
Format Extension Version
IGES .igs 5.2
STEP .stp AP203
    • * 3D-CAD data is supplied in the file formats listed above.
  • (3) 3D-CAD file models
    • - Details of the shape data are partly simplified to reduce the file size.
    • - Shapes that are not essential to the layout are omitted. This includes chamfering, corner radii, draft angles, screw threads, detailed screw head shapes, etc.
    • - As far as possible, 3D-CAD data models should be used for design and research.
    • - The content of 3D-CAD files is subject to change without notice for the purposes of product improvement, etc.
    • - 3D-CAD data is provided in the above formats. Where data imported by customers cannot be read correctly, import the data in a different format (STEP).
    • - 3D-CAD data is not guaranteed to be specified for Mitsubishi Electric products. Mitsubishi Electric accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising from the use of 3D-CAD data.

By downloading 2D-CAD data or 3D-CAD data, you consent to the terms given above.