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By downloading CAD data, you shall consent to the terms of use given below.
- Uncompress (unzip) the zip file.
- CAD data should be used for design only.
- The content of CAD data is subject to change without notice for the purposes of product improvement, etc.
- CAD data does not guarantee specifications of Mitsubishi Electric products.
 Mitsubishi Electric accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages arising from the use of CAD data.

Specification Model name File information Downloads Size
Published date Discontinued
EcoWebServerⅢ MES3-255C-EN
2D CAD mes3-255c.zip 53,665    
EcoWebServerⅢ with demand control function MES3-255C-DM-EN
2D CAD mes3-255c-dm.zip 47,090