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Important Notices

Before Version1.22Y of FR Configurator 2 have a vulnerability due to improper file access control.
A malicious attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could escalate privilege and execute malicious programs, which could allow information to be disclosed, tampered with or destroyed, or denial-of-service (DoS).
Customers using products with before Version1.22Y of FR Configurator 2 affected by this Issue should upgrade to a fixed version.

It was discovered that there were multiple vulnerabilities due to XML before Version1.16S of FR Configurator 2.
This vulnerability could allow a malicious third party to send a file on the computer running FR Configurator 2 to the outside world or cause FR Configurator 2 to become unresponsive.
Customers using products with FR Configurator 2 version 1.16S affected by this Issue should upgrade to a fixed version.

Vulnerability-Protected Version

Software name Type/Model Ver. Size (bytes) Release date Download file
FR Configurator 2(eng) SW1DND-FRC2-E 1.23Z 1,319,767,778 2020-07-29
FR Configurator 2(jpn) SW1DND-FRC2-J 1.23Z 1,316,954,787 2020-07-29

How to identify affected products
To determine which version you are using:.
1. Launch FR Configurator 2 and select "About" from the "Help" menu.
2. The window below shows the version number of the FR Configurator 2 you are running.

FR Configurator 2 about