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“Manufacturing in the New Normal special”

How manufacturers can accelerate growth in the 'new normal'

This year, 2021, is Mitsubishi Electric's 100th Anniversary, but that's not the only reason to celebrate. Despite all the restrictions the COVID pandemic has imposed on the global community we have just witnessed the awe-inspiring performances of the participants of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympics. Magic! Thank you to all the sportsmen and women who gave us such hope and motivation, but we should also not forget the manufacturing community whose own heroic efforts have risen them up to meet the challenges of the pandemic as well. One key lesson is that teamwork is as essential in business as it is in sports. Working together we can all create new value!

Chief Editor - Chris Hazlewood - Factory Automation System Group

Chief Editor

Chris Hazlewood

Factory Automation System Group

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“Manufacturing in the New Normal special”



MANUFACTURING IN THE NEW NORMAL Special Report - Social distancing and other challenges

Manufacturers have had to innovate and adapt to overcome challenges from the health and social aspects of working in a pandemic. What have been some of the considerations?

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ICE CREAM MEETS DIGITAL MANUFACTURING Case study – The e-F@ctory solution to perfect ice cream

The need for digital manufacturing is triggered by the unique business issues of each manufacturer; from over-coming labor shortages or loss of skills through retirements to raising productivity. We hear how one food manufacture approached this.

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BELLA MOZZARELLA Case Study - Generating green energy from farm waste

As sustainable manufacturing becomes more important from the viewpoint of resources consumed and the future potential of a carbon neutral society, what could be more sustainable than innovatively using every byproduct of your process in a responsible way?

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