Factory Automation

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Basic information

Model nameGT2510F-VTND
Overview10.4”, VGA, TFT color LCD 65536 colors, No frame, Power supply voltage: 24 V DC, Open frame model
Conformance standardUL cUL CE(EMC) CE(RoHS) KC
Sales statusOn sale


GOT complements machine design

Installing the GOT2000 from the back side of the control panel complements the machine-design surface.
Using a stainless-look environmental protection sheet allows the touch panel to blend into the production machines for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

IP67F protection

To conform to IP67F, attach an environmental protection sheet.*
GOT can be operated with wet hands, wiped with a damp cloth, and washed with water.
* Note that the structure does not guarantee protection in all users’ environments.
The GOT may not be used in certain environments where it is subjected to splashing oil or chemicals for a long period of time or soaked in oil mist.

Suitable for pharmaceutical and food industries

Flush surface without any gaps and grooves prevents dust, dirt, and debris from accumulated on the edge.