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IoT-related Products NC Virtual Simulator

High-fidelity simulator digitizes the processes from product designing to trial machining, improving work efficiency and productivity.
NC Virtual Simulator makes it possible to check at designing stage the machining errors that could previously only be found at trial machining stage, thus reducing the time and effort required for machining trials.

Reduce machining trials with high-fidelity simulation

Diverse features allow you to validate machining programs, verify work instruction data, and analyze the flaws in the surface finish to help you identify and correct issues at trial machining stage.

Reduce machining trials with high-fidelity simulation image

Workpiece simulation, Machine simulation

Machining time is calculated accurately using digital position data that factors in smoothing, acceleration/deceleration, and servo response delay.
The surface geometry depicted in a higher resolution allows for safe and quick validation of machining programs.
You can check whether machine interference occurs during automatic operation using a machine model.
If interference is detected, the interfering components turn to the interference color to alert you.*2

Workpiece simulation image : Predict machining time / Even tool marks can be seen*1 / *1. Pinpoint zoom display
Machine simulation image / *2. This product is an option. When you are interested in purchasing it, please contact a Mitsubishi Electric representative.

Analysis simulation

①Color map display

The change in the speed, the acceleration rate, the speed difference between adjacent segments and other data is plotted as color map.
It helps you identify where a machining error occurs.

Color map display image : Visualize difference betweenadjacent segments

②Program link display

You can identify the corresponding block in the machining program by selecting a segment in the simulated surface. This makes it easy to check and correct the machining program block for the segment with a problem you detect in color map display.

Program link display image : Display the corresponding block in the machining program

Simulation comparison display

Simulation result is compared with previous result retained as history. You can check how machining result changes with different machining conditions such as NC parameters.

Simulation comparison display image

Machine design can be simulated by linking with NC Trainer2 plus

NC Virtual Simulator can also be used in machine design and user PLC development by machine tool builders when linked with NC Trainer2 plus.

PLC programming (ladder) and CAD machine design
Link with NC Trainer2 plus

CAD model superimposition

Product CAD models (STEP/STL) can be loaded and superimposed with the workpiece simulation to check if there are missing machining processes.

①After running simulation, select the product CAD model file using “Select Product Model”.
1. After running simulation, select the product CAD model file using “Select Product Model”.
②Simulation result is superimposed with the product CAD model.
2. Simulation result is superimposed with the product CAD model.

System requirements

Item Description
Computer A personal computer with a processor with a clock speed of 2.66 GHz or faster,
2 or more cores and 4 or more threads (4 or more cores and 8 or more threads are recommended)
Memory 8 GB or greater
Available hard disk space 4 GB or greater (excluding the space required for OS operation)
OS Windows® 10 or newer (64-bit)*3
Interface 10/100/1000M Ethernet (only for network-connected version) USB 1.1 or later
Display A video adapter and a monitor with a resolution of HDTV (720p) (1280×720) or
better (at least 65536 colors; 16770000 colors is recommended) PC with OpenGL 4.5 or later display adapter
Supported language Japanese/English
Machine Machining center
Supported CNCs M800VW/M800VS/M80V/M800W/M800S/M80 Series*4
  • *3.WOW64 is used
  • *4.Not compatible with M80VW and M80W