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IoT-related Products NC Machine Tool Optimizer

This software analyzes and diagnoses the operation status collected from machine tools and peripheral equipment.
NC Machine Tool Analyzer analyzes and diagnoses operation information for a wide range of equipment, including machine tools equipped with third-party CNCs, as well as those equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s CNCs, thus contributing to the improvement of production shop floor efficiency.

Total monitoring through connection with multiple locations

Overall production operations can be monitored by connecting with multiple production bases and integrating the visualization system. The analysis data accumulated at each production site can be used to make management decisions such as future factory layout changes.

Factory 1, Factory 2
All plant monitoring window

Easy downtime diagnostics and trend analysis!

The occurrences of alarm stops and other events are presented in various charts, helping you to analyze the trends of the factors contributing to machine stops.

●Operation details window

Operation details window

Easy comparison and analysis of planned vs. actual production!

The variance between the planned and actual production output (the number of finished goods and the percentage of completion for each machine) provides insights into productivity trends, enabling you to optimize your planning.

●Production results window

Production results window

Machine tools of a wide variety of manufacturers are supported.

Various data collectors support a variety of communication network standards.

There are two broad types of products available.
NC Machine Tool Optimizer(Pro/Lite) • • • • Connection using NC Machine Tool Connector (a separate product)
iQ Edgecross NC Machine Tool Optimizer • • • Connection using Edgecross Basic Software (a separate product) and various kinds of data collectors

●NC Machine Tool Optimizer (Pro/Lite)

NC Machine Tool Optimizer (Pro/Lite)

*For details, contact the manufacturer of each machine.

●iQ Edgecross NC Machine Tool Optimizer

IQ Edgecross NC Machine Tool Optimizer