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Servo Motors

Servo Motors Nano-control compatible servo motor, well suited to various types of machines

Medium-inertia, high-accuracy and high-speed motors HG Series

  • Sensor resolution has been significantly improved. The servo motors, which boast smooth rotation and outstanding acceleration capabilities, are well-suited to serve as feed axes of machine tools.
  • Range 0.2 to 9 [kW]
  • Maximum rotation speed: 4,000 or 5,000 [r/min]
  • Safety support sensors are included as standard specification. Sensor connectors are screw-locked and have enhanced vibration resistance. Three sensor resolutions (i.e., 1, 4 and 67 million pulses/rev) are available.
  • This can also be used as a tool spindle motor.
  • Small-sized connector allows horizontal cable connection, which helps to save space in machines (Options supported. (Flange size 90SQ only)).

Medium-inertia HF Series

  • High-inertia machine accuracy is ensured. Suitable for machines requiring quick acceleraion.
  • Range 0.5 to 9 [kW]
  • Maximum speed 4,000 or 5,000 [r/min]
  • Supports three types of detectors with a resolution of 260,000, 1million or 16 million p/rev.

HP Series

  • Low-inertia and High-speed servo motor
  • Optimal for a machine with high acceleration.
  • Range 0.5 to 11 [kW]
  • Maximum speed 3,000 or 4,000 [r/min]
  • Supports three types of detectors with a resolution of 260,000, 1million or 16 million p/rev.

Low-inertia HF-KP Series

  • Suitable for an auxiliary axis that requires high-speed positioning
  • Range: 0.1 to 0.75 [kW]
  • Maximum speed: 6,000 [r/min]
  • Supports a detector with a resolution of 260,000 p/rev.

HC Series

  • Medium-inertia and high-accuracy servo motor
  • Optimal for ensuring the accuracy of a machine with high-inertia.
  • Range 0.5 to 11 [kW]
  • Maximum speed 3,000 [r/min]
  • Adaptable to both standard detector at 100,000 p/rev and high-accuracy detector at 1 million p/rev. (Note that the lineup is from 0.5 to 3.5 [kW] and only 100,000 p/rev detector when combined with MDS-B-SVJ2 and MDS-R.)

Linear Servo Motor LM-F Series

  • Use in clean environments is possible since no ball screws are used, eliminating possible contamination from grease.
  • Elimination of transmission mechanisms, including backlash, enables smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.
  • Range Maximum thrust: 900 to 18,000 [N·m]

Direct Drive Servo Motor TM-RB Series

  • High-torque, direct-drive motor combined with high-gain control provides quick acceleration and positioning, which makes rotation smoother.
  • Suitable for rotary axes that drive tables or spindle heads.
  • Range: Maximum torque: 36 to 1,280 [N·m]