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NC Monitor2

Taking advantage of the network in a plant, CNC operation status can be monitored from remote locations.
Several CNCs can be connected and monitored simultaneously.

Main functions

Main functions

  • Adopts the same screen structure
    The monitoring display is constructed to mirror the CNC display unit is.
    Note that the screen structure of 10.4-type display is applied when 15-type or 19-type display is connected.
    Possible to select a monitoring screen that is not synchronized with display of the CNC in operation.
  • Limit display/setting operation of CNCs
    By setting parameters in a CNC, the availability of displaying and setting using this software can be restricted.
  • Connectable CNCs are automatically listed
    Connectable CNCs in a network group are automatically displayed in a list, and the CNCs can be connected by selecting them.

Main specifications

Main specifications of NC Monitor2

OS supported Windows® 7 SP1 or later/Windows® 8.1/Windows® 10
*Supports 32-and 64-bit OS (WOW64 available for 64-bit)
Languages English/Japanese
CNC connections Supported CNCs : M800/M80/M700V/M70V/E70/C80 SeriOS supportedes
Connection configuration : Ethernet
Connectable CNCs : 10 (max.)
Precaution Please use the Remote Monitor Tool for the C70.