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NC Servo Selection

Input the machine constants for selection of the optimum servo motor.
This function automatically calculates spindle acceleration/deceleration times and selects the optimum power supply unit.



It is difficult to figure out the best choice of machine from a wide
selection of servo motors.

Find it with
NC Servo Selection!

Set the machine constants according
          to the following parameters. | Spindle acceleration/deceleration
          times are shown in a graph.

Enlarge image


  • Servo motor capacity selection
  • Spindle acceleration/deceleration time calculation
  • Power supply unit selection
  • Power supply facility capacity calculation
  • Multi-axis drive unit combination function
  • Saving selected data


Supported OS Windows 10/Windows 11
Supports 32- and 64-bit OS (WOW64 available for 64-bit)
Languages English/Japanese/Chinese (simplified)/Chinese (traditional)
Operating environment Browser: Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
Available hard disk space: 400 MB or more
Display resolution: WXGA (1280×800) or higher
Libraries .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later

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