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MELSEC-F series

Learning PLCs requires lots of experience and knowledge.
Education materials based on level of knowledge, from those who have never used PLC to those who wish to increase their mastery of PLC, are available for micro PLC FX series.

PLC demo kit

Model Outline
FX-I/O-DEMO2 PLC basics demo kit using FA input/output devices
・Practice wiring electrical devices like switchs and lamps.
・Learn PLC control using FA sensors and lamps used in actual machines.

To be discontinued

Simple system equipment for confirming operation of basic and applied instructions
・Confirm operation of PLC instruction with high-spec FX3U PLC and simulation input switch.


Equipment for learning PLC basics and data handling/ high speed processing/ analog control
・Study a variety items, from ON/OFF control using switches to control of digital switches and 7 segment displays.
・Easily study high speed control using high speed counter and analog control using voltage input or current output.
・Easily confirm control status and numeric data with 5.7 inch color LCD HMI GT14.

Textbook for learning PLC

The quickest way to master PLC is to understanding key points by practice based on examples in addition to technical explanations.
After starting to sell PLCs, Mitsubishi Electric held PLC schools all over the country. Based on this experience, points for learning PLC have been put together into easy to understand textbooks.

Model Text title
FX-NYUM-TEXT2 Your First PLC Introduction
FX3U-PROG-TEXT2 Discovering Control