GX LogViewer

This dedicated viewer displays logging files collected with the Q Series high-speed data logger module or L Series logging function.

About GX LogViewer

GX LogViewer is an easy to operate tool, which displays and analyzes a large amount of data collected by units that have the logging function of the Q Series or L Series of products.

Logging files can be verified easily, as the setting of the connected units can be performed with the same operations as the setup tools of the respective units, as well as GX Works2.


Collected data and events are visually displayed

The data of the events collected and stored by units can be visually displayed for efficient verification.

Changes to the data can be easily verified. The history of event occurrences and restoration data can be verified.

Graphs can be adjusted easily by using the automatic adjustment function, as well as the drag and drop operation as the drag and drop operation

Graphs can be easily adjusted without reading a manual by using the automatic adjustment function, as well as the drag and drop operation.
Data can be verified quickly, since graphs can be adjusted intuitively and spontaneously through the use of a mouse operation alone.

■Aligning and overlapping graphs

Multiple data can be compared by overlapping displayed graphs. The graph becomes easier to see through the implementation of an equal interval alignment.

■Automatic adjustment of graphs

The scale of the display is automatically adjusted according to the maximum and minimum values of the graphs.

■Differences in the logging data of multiple files can be easily verified.

Logging data stored in multiple files can be displayed within the same graph area to verify the differences between the respective data with the same time intervals.
Overlapping graphs using simple operations makes it easy to compare the data of different files.