Network-related products

Realize cyclic communication with software implementation only

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

With recent trends of IIoT*1, network connection of devices and equipment for small-scale systems are becoming more mainstream. CC‑Link IE Field Network Basic realizes easier network integration, as its cyclic communications stack is software-based, without requiring a dedicated ASIC helping to reduce implementation costs for device partners.
Mitsubishi Electric is launching CC‑Link IE Field Network Basic compatible products to further leverage networking on the production floor.

*1: Industrial Internet of Things

Plant-wide seamless communication

Utilizing standard Ethernet technology, TCP/IP protocol stack for communications (such as HTTP, FTP) is supported. Based on SLMP, data flows transparently between the sensor level and the enterprise level across multiple industry-standard automation networks.
Seamless communication can be easily realized with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, further improving performance of the manufacturing enterprise.

Positioning within CC-Link IE Network

The Ethernet-based open network CC-Link IE is a high-speed and large-capacity network integrating distributed control, I/O control, safety control, and motion control.
CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, which is a part of CC-Link IE Network, realizes easier network connection of Ethernet devices.
Transparent communications are achieved by utilizing SLMP that enables seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing.

Positioning within CC-Link IE Network