Network-related products

Seamless connectivity within all levels of automation The backbone of e-F@ctory, leveraging connectivity between the shop floor and IT

Extensive visualization with advanced data connectivity

Big Data analytics requires deterministic data collection, which can be realized by incorporating two key features: SLMP*1 that enables seamless connectivity between devices in the IT layer and on the shop floor; and a high-speed, large-capacity 1 Gbps communications network that enables the handling of large-data, such as production, quality and control data between different production processes.

General, motion and safety control integrated into one network

CC-Link IE incorporates general distributed control, synchronous motion control, and safety control enabling safety communications across multiple safety devices, all on the same network. The topology is quite versatile, based on twisted-pair cables, which enables flexibility in system configuration while helping to keep installation cost low.

Comprehensive diagnosis realizing higher reliability

Disruptions to the control system are kept to a minimum via comprehensive diagnostics functions, high communications integrity owing to the noise-resistant characteristics of the optical cable, and communication re-routing capabilities made possible as the result of using a ring topology. Also, network errors can be rectified quickly by visualizing the network system image using the engineering software*2, and remotely from a GOT (HMI) directly on the machine or production line.

*1: SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol) is a client/server protocol that enables communications between Ethernet-ready and CC-Link IE compatible devices.

*2: MELSEC iQ-R Series is supported by GX Works3. MELSEC-Q Series and MELSEC-L Series are supported by GX Works2.

Comprehensive diagnosis realizing higher reliability