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Network-related products

Slave station, Drives/GOT (HMI)

Drive products such as servos, inverters, and robots, together with GOT (HMI) all support CC-Link IE TSN. The MELSERVO-J5 Series servo amplifiers, when combined with motion modules, realize highly accurate motion control that contributes to the performance of smart factory production systems. The Inverter A800/E800 Series is equipped with CC-Link IE TSN, enabling real-time collection of production data, and the robot MELFA FR Series and the GOT2000 Series HMI, which enhance coordination with automation devices, thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

Slave station, Drives/GOT (HMI)

  • Quick tuning function for servo amplifiers controls vibration and suppresses overshoot within 0.3 s
  • Machine diagnosis of mechanical parts (ball screws, linear guides, belts, and gears) improves predictive maintenance
  • High-speed communication together with high-performance inverter improves productivity
  • Robots can realize advanced operations by combining force and vision sensors
  • Remote system-wide monitoring enabled using GOT Mobile function
  • Various sample screens available, enabling the visualization of network device statuses from the GOT (HMI)

AC servo MELSERVO-J5/JET Series





Next generation MELSERVO-J5/JET Series improves production systems

  • Highly accurate synchronous control when combined with a motion module
  • Multi-axis servo amplifiers are available for driving two or three servo motors
  • MR-J5-G-RJ, which is compatible with safety communications supports safety sub-functions STO/SS1/SS2/SOS/SBC/SLS/SSM/SDI/SLI/SLT

Inverter A800/E800 Series




Industry-leading high performance and quality

  • Shop floor data collection in real-time using either 1 Gbps*1/100 Mbps communications speed
  • Enables mixing of real-time control communication and TCP/IP communication
  • FR-E800-SCE, which is compatible with safety communications supports safety sub-functions STO/SS1/SLS/SBC/SSM

*1. 1 Gbps will be supported in the future by FR-E800-E/SCE with option.

Industrial robot MELFA FR Series controller



iQ Platform compatible controller

  • Seamlessly integrates the various controllers used in a production site with HMIs, the engineering environment and the network
  • Multi-CPU configuration dramatically improves its interaction with FA equipment, offering highly precise control and fast yet simple information management
  • Safety devices connected with the safety remote modules of the safety programmable controllers can be used via the CC-Link IE TSN master and local modules

HMI GOT2000 Series CC-Link IE TSN communication unit



Improves productivity and efficiency through advanced visualization of production equipment

  • CC-Link IE TSN-compatible GOT (HMI) communication unit
  • Use as a CC-Link IE TSN local station
  • GT27 and GT25*2 are supported

*2. GT2505, GT2512-WX, GT2510-WX, GT2507-W, GT2507T, GT2506HS, and GT2505HS are not supported.