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Network-related products

Master station

MELSEC iQ-R/iQ-F Series master/local modules can be used as CC-Link IE TSN master/local stations. By supporting the simultaneous use of real-time motion control communication and TCP/IP communication, CC-Link IE TSN performance and functionality are maximized. Motion modules also allow the use of multiple control functions, such as synchronization, cam, speed, and torque control using PLCopen® Motion Control function blocks. The ability to embed motion control software in industrial computers has enabled the realization of CC-Link IE TSN-compatible motion control systems.

Master station

  • Enables mixing of control and TCP/IP communications
  • Automatically detects devices on the network, enabling easy network configuration
  • Flexible system configuration with integrated safety communication
  • Supports various types of motion control
  • Highly scalable motion control modules based on the application
  • Motion control software embedded in IPCs realizes CC-Link IE TSN-compatible motion control systems
  • IPCs based on application requirements with motion control software contribute to high system flexibility

Master/local modules




Network management module maximizes CC-Link IE TSN performance and functionality

  • Can be used as a CC-Link IE TSN master or local station
  • RJ71GN11-T2 can be used as a safety master or local station when paired with the MELSEC iQ-R Series safety CPU
  • Enables mixing of real-time control communication and TCP/IP communication
  • Automatic detection of network devices and parameter distribution realizes easy network configuration
  • The master/local module can control servo motors by using the profile mode of servo amplifiers

Motion modules





Unlock new system capabilities together with CC-Link IE TSN

  • PLCopen® Motion Control function blocks can easily perform various motion control functions such as, positioning, synchronization, cam, speed, and torque control
  • Advanced motion control system realized by mixing servo amplifiers and I/O modules on one network
  • Supports safety communication when paired with the MELSEC iQ-R Series safety CPU
  • The existing projects of the MELSEC iQ-F Series simple motion module (previous model) can be reused

Motion software



Create new value together in a PC-based environment

  • Supports a CC-Link IE TSN servo control systems where RTX64 (real-time extension) is installed on a PC (RTX64 is included with SWM-G)
  • Meets various application needs by offering various types of motion control, such as positioning, synchronous, cam, speed, and torque control using API libraries
  • Utilizes network control to connect and set various slave devices (remote I/O modules, etc.) and TCP/IP devices