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Optimum network scalable to fit any application size

Enhanced information communication by networking is the essential requirement in the automation industry. The MELSEC-Q Series provides an open and seamless network environment integrating the following different level of automation networks: CC-Link IE; high-speed and large capacity Ethernet-based integrated open network that connects shop floor and IT system as the core of e-F@ctory, CC-Link; SEMI certified global standard network originating from Japan and Asia, CC-Link/LT; wire-saving sensor level network inherited CC-Link design concept, and AnyWire; sensor level distributed control network.

Network Configurations

Network Configurations

Seamless communication

Seamless communication

Seamless data communication through Ethernet, CC-Link IE, and CC-Link allow easy access to information, no matter where it resides on the network. Through this technology, it is possible to "drill down" from the Enterprise or IT layer through multiple networks accessing programming controllers using GX Works2 programming or other related software.
In addition, many devices supporting SLMP*1 such as vision sensors and RFID controllers may be connected to the CC-Link IE.

*1: SLMP (SeamLess Message Protocol) is a protocol advocated by the CC-Link Partner Association.

CC-Link IE Control

CC-Link IE Control is a high-reliability distributed control network designed to handle very large data communications (128K word) over a high-speed (1 Gbps) dual loop optical cable topology.

*: Compatible modules: QJ71GP21-SX, QJ71GP21S-SX

CC-Link IE Field

CC-Link IE Field is an all-round versatile gigabit Ethernet based network integrating controller, I/O control, safety control, and motion control in a flexible wiring topology supporting star, ring, and line configurations.

*: Compatible modules: QJ71GF11-T2, QS0J71GF11-T2 (safety control), QD77GF4, QD77GF8, QD77GF16 (motion control)

CC-Link IE Field Basic

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic realizes easier network integration, as its cyclic communications stack is software-based, without requiring a dedicated ASIC helping to reduce implementation costs for device partners. CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, which is a part of CC-Link IE, realizes easier connection of Ethernet devices.

*: Compatible modules: QnUDVCPU, QnUDPVCPU


CC-Link is a high-speed and high-reliable deterministic I/O control network which realizes reduced wiring whilst offering multi-vendor compatible products. This open field network is a global standard originating from Japan and Asia.

*: Compatible module: QJ61BT11N

CC-Link Safety

CC-Link Safety is a safety field network that prevents risks on the shop floor.
This realizes a highly-reliable and a high-speed communication with less wiring.

*: Compatible modules: QS0J61BT12

CC-Link / LT

CC-Link/LT is a wire-saving sensor level network which is designed for use in panels between simple discrete devices. Its wiring system is based on reducing incorrect wiring and is based on CC-Link realizing high-speed and robust noise resistance features.

*: Compatible module: QJ61CL12


AnyWireASLINK makes it possible to centrally monitor (visibility) the state of all sensors from the programmable controller, by that improving productivity and reducing operation steps.

*: Modules supporting AnyWireASLINK: QJ51AW12AL, NZ2AW1C2AL


SSCNET Ⅲ/H is a dedicated high-speed, high-performance, and highly reliable servo system control network which offers flexible long distance wiring capabilities based on optical fiber cable topology.

*: Compatible modules: QD77MS2, QD77MS4, QD77MS16


This network supports the communication protocol standard BACnet® client function. This network is mainly used to monitor and control airconditioning, lighting and fire detection, etc. in building automation system applications.

*: Compatible modules: QnUDVCPU, QJ71E71-100 (client only)


Q-Series is now supporting the MODBUS® protocol network, realizing easy communication, with various MODBUS® slave devices compatible with Ethernet MODBUS®/TCP or RS-232/422/485 serial communication.

*: Module supporting MODBUS®/TCP : QJ71MT91 (master/slave functions), QnUDVCPU, QJ71E71-100 (master only)

*: Modules supporting MODBUS®: QJ71MB91 (master/slave functions), QJ71C24N (-R2/R4) (master only)

Network Enterprise level network Control level network Device level network Sensor level network
Information communication Controller distributed control I/O control Safety control Motion control Control
CC-Link IE Control          
CC-Link IE Field    
CC-Link IE Field Network Basic          
CC-Link Safety          
SSCNET Ⅲ/H