Safety controller MELSEC-WS Series

This compact safety controller complies with EN ISO 13849-1 Category 4/PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 safety standards. It is ideal for small- to medium-scale safety control system. Safety I/O points can be extended to 144 points per CPU module according to the system configuration. Utilizing the dedicated Setting and Monitoring Tool*1, setup and logic creation can be easily done.

For details on how to obtain the tool, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.

System configuration

*2. No. of input points: 8 points (single wiring), No. of output points: 4 points (single wiring)
*3. No. of input points: 8 points (single wiring)
*4. Safety relay output: 4 points

Safety control can be easily added to existing programmable controllers (CC-Link/Ethernet)

Connecting the safety controller to CC-Link, safety control can be performed with the existing MELSEC iQ-R/Q/L Series module. Furthermore, operation status and error status of the safety controller can be monitored with the programmable controller. This helps quickly identifying the factor of emergency stop and faulty equipment.

Applicable functions with network interface

Monitoring information
Notification data
Setting and Monitoring tool
Connection via network

Flexible extensibility

  • Up to 12 safety input and I/O modules, 4 safety relay output modules, and 2 network modules can be installed
  • I/O points can be extended to 144 points (single input). Safety input: 96 points (single input) and safety output: 48 points (single output)

Fast shut off function realizes a response time of 8 ms

The fast shut off function that enables the safety I/O module to shut off safety output without going through the CPU module realizes a response time of 8 ms. Since similar response time is achieved even with increased I/O points, the safety distance can be shortened even in the large-scale safety system.

Flexi Line/Flexi Link
Safety communication network between safety controllers

Safety communications between safety controllers can be easily established at a low cost just by connecting the CPU modules with dedicated cables. Safety communication is realized without a dedicated network module, allowing utilization in various production site. In addition, coordination between multiple devices is possible, improving production system safety.

*5. Flexi Line is supported by WS0-CPU3 only and Flexi Link is supported by WS0-CPU1 and WS0-CPU3 only.

Dedicated “Setting and Monitoring Tool*6” provides intuitive system configuration environment

■ Configuration

Hardware configuration can be easily and quickly done using a wide range of elements*7.

*6. For details on how to obtain the tool, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.
*7. Connecting parameters of major safety equipment, such as emergency stop switches, safety door switches and safety light curtains, are expressed by an icon. Make settings simply by drag-and-drop decision. Elements for safety devices of Mitsubishi’s partners are also available. Please contact your local Mitsubishi representative.
■ Logic editor

Elements connected to the I/O terminal are automatically labeled, enabling logic creation easier using labels and function blocks.

■ Diagnostics/monitor

Monitoring of the internal status of modules and error histories is possible.

■ Report

The wiring diagram for I/O modules can be automatically created. Error diagnostics and other reports can be created, printed, and saved as PDF.

■ I/O matrix

The relation of inputs and outputs can be displayed as a matrix.

■ Data recorder

ON/OFF status of safety input signal and safety output signal processed by the safety controller can be stored.*8 Results recorded on the Setting and Monitoring Tool can also be viewed on the computer to utilize for troubleshooting.

*8. Available when a CPU module with firmware version of V2.01 (revision 2.XX) or later and a Setting and Monitoring Tool of V1.7.0 or later are used together.
■ Import and export of logic

The connection settings to the I/O modules or application logic created with function blocks can be stored in a single setting file, and data can be read out of stored setting files.


Item Model Abbreviated product model name
CPU WS0-CPU000200 WS0-CPU0
CPU (with EFI) WS0-CPU130202 WS0-CPU1
CPU (with EFI, Flexi Line) WS0-CPU320202 WS0-CPU3
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU0/WS0-CPU1)
WS0-MPL000201 WS0-MPL0
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU3)
WS0-MPL100201 WS0-MPL1
Safety input WS0-XTDI80202 WS0-XTDI
Safety I/O combined WS0-XTIO84202 WS0-XTIO
Safety relay output WS0-4RO4002 WS0-4RO
USB/RS-232 conversion cable WS0-C20M8U, WS0-UC-232A
RS-232 cable connecting to CPU WS0-C20R2
CC-Link interface WS0-GCC100202 WS0-GCC1
Ethernet interface WS0-GETH00200 WS0-GETH
Screw-in replacement terminal block WS0-TBS4
Spring clamp replacement terminal block WS0-TBC4
Setting and Monitoring Tool SW1DNN-WS0ADR-B

The MELSEC-WS Series was developed and manufactured by SICK AG. Sick is a German supplier of safety solutions. For more information, please refer to the relevant product manuals or contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.