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MELSEC iQ-R Series

C Controller Module

The C Controller module is part of the application-specific range in the MELSEC iQ-R Series. The multi-core Arm®-based controller pre-installed with VxWorks® Version 6.9, realizes the simultaneous execution of programs, thereby providing a robust and deterministic alternative to computer based systems. Utilizing a fan-less hardware design, the C Controller is ideal for clean fab-based applications where dust circulation can be detrimental to the production environment. The C Controller utilizes the high-performance, flexible, and robust features of the MELSEC iQ-R Series to provide an industrial-grade automation control system.

Easy setup using three simple tools

Setup of the C Controller couldn't be simpler as the CPU is shipped with a pre-installed real-time OS with various drivers embedded. This eliminates the need to setup and install a separate OS and develop drivers, which can substantially add to the cost of implementation. The C Controller allows C language programming by using CW Workbench programming software, easy configuration using MELSOFT CW Configurator, and VxWorks® emulation using CW-Sim.

Programming without considering MPU

C Controller dedicated functions (CCPU functions) and MELSEC communication functions (MD functions) realize easy access to the C Controller, I/O, intelligent function, network, and programmable controller/motion CPU modules. Applications involving programmable controllers can be easily created using these functions.

Parameter setup/diagnosis/monitoring with CW Configurator

CW Configurator enables parameter setup, module diagnosis and monitoring of various MELSEC iQ-R/Q Series intelligent, network and I/O modules*1 including the C Controller module. Using CW Configurator is as easy as using the MELSEC iQ-R engineering software GX Works3, which shares similar interfaces.

*1: For supported modules, please refer to the relevant manual of that module.

Application development in simple steps

Developing applications with the MELSEC C Controller is easy as no additional driver development is required, whilst providing a full-scale embedded development environment at a relatively low cost. CW Workbench is used as the main programming software in C/C++ with a VxWorks® emulator, CW-Sim/CW-Sim standalone, which allows debugging without requiring any hardware.

C Controller module specifications

C/C++ : C/C++

Item R12CCPU-V
MPU Arm® Cortex®-A9 Dual Core
RAM 256 MB
Backup RAM 4 MB
OS VxWorks® Version 6.9
Programming language C/C++
Programming development environment CW Workbench/Wind River® Workbench3.3
C Controller module setting/monitoring tool CW Configurator (SW1DND-RCCPU)
Communication interface
Ethernet (1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T) 2 channels
RS-232 (9600...115200 bps) 1 channel
SD memory card slot
Firmware update*2
*2. For more information, please refer to the relevant product manual.