MELSEC iQ-R Series

Programmable controller CPU module

The CPU modules are the heart of the control system performing variety control tasks. Different CPUs with program capacity from 10K to 1200K steps are available based on the system requirement. Equipped with various internal functions such as web server and database, contributing to productivity improvement.

  • Large-scale

    • R04CPU40K
    • R08CPU80K
    • R16CPU160K
    • R32CPU320K
    • R120CPU1200K
  • Medium-scale

    • R00CPU10K
    • R01CPU15K
    • R02CPU20K
  • Embedded network

    CC-Link IE embedded programmable controller CPU module.
    Dual Ethernet ports on the network side can be used as a gateway. The Ethernet port on the CPU side is used as an Ethernet communications port.

    Embedded network
    • R04ENCPU40K
    • R08ENCPU80K
    • R16ENCPU160K
    • R32ENCPU320K
    • R120ENCPU1200K

    Network combination*1

    Network combination

    *1.The CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Controller networks cannot be used together.


Easy programming with flexible, large-capacity data storage

  • Max. 9882K words
  • Easy programming
  • Data utilization
  • The MELSEC iQ-R Series programmable controller CPU module is designed to allow an extended SRAM cassette to be installed directly into the CPU module. This option makes it possible to increase internal device memory up to 9882K words, expanding device/label memory even further
  • Management of programmable controller internal data is quite flexible, making programming even easier by allowing various data area allocations to be changed within the CPU memory and SRAM cassette
  • Use of an SD memory card expands data logging memory, which allows data analysis by computer

Easy programming with flexible, large-capacity data storage

Accurately detect high-speed signals

  • Constant interrupt
  • 50 µs of minimum interval time
  • High-speed control
  • Execute interrupt programs at a constant cycle (50 µs of minimum interval time) different from the scan time
  • All signals are detected as input processing can be done faster than the scan time. This is ideal for a production line where products are traveling at high speed

Accurately detect high-speed signals

Recorded event history can be checked when an error occurs

  • Display in time-series
  • Error cause identification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operation and system historical events are automatically recorded in the programmable controller CPU module
  • Actual changes to the program and system events with corresponding event codes can be displayed in sequence, allowing prompt error cause identification and troubleshooting

Recorded event history can be checked when an error occurs

Easily collect manufacturing data

  • Save in the internal memory
  • Traceability
  • Debug
  • Utilizing the installed SD memory card, CPU internal memory or a direct live connection to the CPU module, logging data (device/label) can be easily collected just by simply registering the parameters. In addition, monitoring via USB or Ethernet in real-time is possible
  • With the real-time monitor function of GX LogViewer, small changes in the target device can be easily identified, which is useful for factory traceability, equipment startup, and debugging in case of an error

Easily collect manufacturing data

Easy diagnostics/monitoring via a web browser

  • CPU diagnostics
  • Device block monitor
  • Customized web page
  • CPU diagnostics and device monitoring can be easily done via a web browser on a computer or tablet utilizing the CPU internal web server function
  • Basic diagnostics are easily done without dedicated engineering software
  • Customized “user web page” can be created and displayed in a layout according to applications*2

*2.For details on how to obtain software, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.

Easy diagnostics/monitoring via a web browser

Easy data coordination with third-party programmable controllers just by registering parameters

  • Parameter registration only
  • Coordination with third-party contollers
  • Easy data collection
  • The programmable controller CPU module allows device data exchange by parameter registration with Mitsubishi Electric programmable controllers and third-party programmable controllers (simple CPU communication function)
  • Data collection is easier without changing programs of the existing programmable controllers

Easy data coordination with third-party programmable controllers just by registering parameters

*4.Supported by the embedded Ethernet port only.

List of connectable devices supporting simple CPU communication function

Ethernet connection(As of April 2023)

Supported module Communication destination
CPU module (built-in Ethernet port part) MELSEC iQ-R (built-in Ethernet)
MELSEC iQ-F (built-in Ethernet)
MELSEC-Q (built-in Ethernet, via Ethernet module*5 *6)
MELSEC-L (built-in Ethernet, via Ethernet module*5 *6)
SLMP-compatible device (QnA compatible 3E frame)
MELSEC-A/AnS (Ethernet module)*6
MELSEC-F (Ethernet block/adapter)*6
RJ71EN71, RnENCPU (Network part) MELSEC iQ-R (built-in Ethernet, via Ethernet module)
MELSEC iQ-F (built-in Ethernet)
MELSEC-Q (built-in Ethernet, via Ethernet module)
MELSEC-L (built-in Ethernet, via Ethernet module)
SLMP-compatible device (QnA compatible 3E frame)
MELSEC-A/AnS (Ethernet module)*7
MELSEC-F (Ethernet block/adapter)*7
KEYENCE (KV Series) (SLMP (MC protocol QnA-compatible 3E frame))
Panasonic (FP2SH/FP7 Series) (MEWTOCOL)
YASKAWA MP3000 Series/MP2000 Series (extended MEMOBUS)
Yokogawa FA-M3 Series (personal computer link)
MODBUS/TCP-compatible device (MODBUS/TCP)
Fuji Electric MICREX-SX Series (loader command)*8
JTEKT TOYOPUC Series (computer link)*8
SIEMENS S7 Series (S7 communication)*8

*5.This module type cannot be selected for the RnPCPU and RnSFCPU.

*6.Supported version is “49” or later (For R00CPU, R01CPU, and R02CPU, “17” or later).

*7.Supported version is “39” or later.

*8.Supported version is “42” or later.

Serial connection

Supported module Communication destination
MODBUS (RTU)-compatible device (MODBUS)*9
MODBUS (ASCII)-compatible device (MODBUS)*9

*9.Supported version is “15” or later.

Easy data management utilizing internal database (DB)

  • Internal DB
  • Unicode®
  • Multiple product variations
  • Recipe data and production data, previously managed using a database server, can now be managed via the database in the programmable controller
  • This feature allows a selection of database commands that can add/update/search/delete records to be utilized for simple recipe functions
  • Accessing the CPU internal database data from a computer with Access® or Excel® is supported
  • Utilized for changing recipe data and production management in the food and beverage industry where multiple product variations are produced using the same machine process

Easy data management utilizing internal database (DB)

Battery-less module reduces maintenance cost

Battery-less module reduces maintenance cost
  • The programmable controller CPU module for the medium-scale system (R00CPU/R01CPU/R02CPU) includes embedded non-volatile memory, thereby retaining latch data of device and label without requiring a backup battery when the power is off
  • Other programmable controller CPU modules can also store latch data without a battery by installing a battery-less option cassette
  • Periodical battery replacement is no longer required, reducing maintenance cost

Battery-less option cassette (NZ1BLC)-compatible module

Item Compatible modules
Programmable controller CPU module R04(EN)CPU, R08(EN)CPU, R16(EN)CPU, R32(EN)CPU, R120(EN)CPU


Programmable controller CPU module specifications

LD : Ladder diagram ST : Structured text FBD : Function block diagram SFC : Sequential function chart

Item R00CPU R01CPU R02CPU R04(EN)
Operation control method Stored program cyclic operation
I/O control mode Refresh mode (Direct access I/O is available by specifying direct access I/O (DX, DY))
Programming language LD ST FBD SFC
Extended programming language Function block (FB), label programming (system/local/global)
Program execution type Initial, scan, fixed scan, event execution, standby
Number of I/O points (X/Y) 4096 4096 4096 4096 4096 4096 4096 4096
Constant scan (ms)
(function for keeping regular scan time)
0.5…2000 (setting available in 0.1 ms increments) 0.2…2000 (setting available in 0.1 ms increments)
Memory capacity
Program capacity (step) 10K 15K 20K 40K 80K 160K 320K 1200K
Program memory (byte) 40K 60K 80K 160K 320K 640K 1280K 4800K
Device/label memory*9 (byte) 252K 252K 252K 400K 1188K 1720K 2316K 3380K
Data memory (byte) 1.5M 1.5M 1.5M 2M 5M 10M 20M 40M
Instruction processing time
LD instruction (ns) 31.3 31.3 3.92 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.98
MOV instruction (ns) 62.7 62.7 7.84 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96
E + instruction (floating-point addition) (ns) 100.0 100.0 17.6 9.8 9.8 9.8 9.8 9.8
Structured text IF instruction*10 (ns) 31.3 31.3 3.92 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96
Structured text FOR instruction*10 (ns) 31.3 31.3 3.92 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96 1.96
PC MIX value*11 (instructions/µs) 19 19 146 419 419 419 419 419
Interface connection port
High-speed USB2.0 (miniB)
Ethernet (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)
CC-Link IE connection port
*12*13 *12*13 *12*13 *12*13 *12*13
CC-Link IE Field Network Basic connection port
Ethernet (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)
Memory interface
SD memory card
Extended SRAM cassette
Multiple interrupt
Standard PID control
Internal database
Memory dump
Data logging *14 *14
Real-time monitor
Inter-module synchronization
SLMP communication
Simple CPU communication
Web server

*9.An extended SRAM cassette expands the device/label memory area.

*10.The IF or FOR sentence of the structured text consists of several instructions, which may increase the processing time period.

*11.Average number of instructions such as for basic instructions and data processing executed in 1 µs. The larger the value, the faster the processing speed.

*12.Available with R□ENCPU. Click here for details about network specifications, please refer to the RJ71EN71 performance specifications.

*13.The following networks are supported, Ethernet, CC-Link IE Control (twisted pair cable), and CC-Link IE Field (two simultaneous Ethernet networks and combined CC-Link IE Field and CC-Link IE Controller Networks are not supported).

*14.Logging data can be saved in the SD memory card only.

SD memory card*15 specifications

Type SD memory card SDHC memory card SDHC memory card SDHC memory card
Capacity (byte) 2G 4G 8G 16G

*15.SD memory card is not supported for the R00CPU.

Extended SRAM cassette specifications

Capacity (byte) 1M 2M 2M 4M 8M 8M 16M
ECC type
Supported CPU modules
Programmable controller CPU*16
Process CPU
SIL2 process CPU
Safety CPU

*16.Not supported for R00CPU, R01CPU, R02CPU.

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