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MELSEC iQ-R Series


Digital I/O modules are the senses of the automation system and provide an interface of various processes to the controller. Devices such as switches, indicator lamps, and sensors can be easily connected to the control system.
The high-density terminal connections (up to 64 points) results in space-saving designs within the control cabinet further reducing installation costs. In addition, input interrupt functions and output relay health diagnosis are additional features embedded in this intelligent, yet small, compact module.

  • Input/output rating is printed at the front, reducing incorrect wiring
  • Easy-to-use cable tie hook for tidy wiring*1
  • Existing 16-point terminal blocks are reusable, eliminating rewiring
  • Spring-clamp terminal block reduces wiring and maintenance tasks
  • Simple confirmation by product serial no. printed on the front
  • Alternating toggle switch used to display between 32-point LED signals*2
  • Terminal signals are clearly labeled and color-coded*1
  • Up to 32 LED signals clearly visible

*1: Related to 16-point type modules
*2: Related to 64-point type modules

Clear and easily legible

White and red labels clearly differentiate the input and output modules from each other, further improving safety awareness. The LED signal displays also labeled with clearly visible and easy to read I/O signal numbers printed on the cover. The wiring terminals of the 16-point modules are labeled with signal names, further reducing the possibility of wiring mistakes. Up to 32 LED signals can be displayed at one time, and a toggle switch enables alternation between the first- and second-half signal displays for the high-density 64-point modules. The input and output ratings are also clearly printed on the front and the serial number is at the bottom, making it easy to confirm product model and version.

Simple wiring and high-density I/O

I/O modules are available in a wide range of densities (16-, 32- and 64-points) depending on the I/O requirements and minimum use of space in the control cabinet. Modules with a screw terminal block, 40-pin connector or spring-clamp terminal block are available for high-density I/O wiring. The spring-clamp terminal block does not require any screws eliminating the need for tightening of screws or using a dedicated tool, reducing wiring and maintenance.