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MELSEC iQ-R Series

OPC UA Server Module

The MELSEC iQ-R Series OPC UA server module integrates the OPC UA server directly into the equipment control system as a robust alternative to a computer-based configuration. OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform-independent communications standard developed by the OPC foundation that offers reliable and secure data communications between the manufacturing-level and IT-level systems.

Embedded OPC UA server improves system reliability and reduces cost

The OPC UA server module improves reliability by eliminating the requirement for a computer-based server, which can be vulnerable to high security risks such as computer viruses. Less hardware maintenance is required, reducing overall system cost as industrial control systems have a longer product service life compared to computers. Efficient tag data management provided utilizing data structure format and storage of tag names within the equipment. Implementation of an IT system is improved simply by selecting the stored tag.

Reduce overall development time with easy-to-use configuration software

Utilizing dedicated configuration tool MX OPC UA Module Configuration-R, intuitive features such as the wizard-based settings can substantially reduce development time, enable easy registration of tag data by importing GX Works3 project label data, and simplify server module maintenance.

Robust security with protection against unauthorized data access

OPC UA security function such as certificate, encrypt and signature can be set based on system requirements. Security is enhanced by having two Ethernet ports, enabling separation of the IT and shop floor networks.

OPC UA server module software specifications

Item RD81OPC96
Basic operating specifications
Connection method Ethernet IPv4
Simultaneously connected configuration software 1
Device memory input/output specifications
Max. number of tags 10000
Access device Max. number 8
  • RCPU
  • QCPU (Q mode)
  • LCPU
Data collection period Max. number of definitions 8
Setting cycle 200 ms...24 h
Connected OPC UA clients
Max. number of connections 15
Connectable Ethernet port CH1
Firmware update*1 ‚óŹ
*1: For more information, please refer to the relevant product manual.
This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (http://www.openssl.org/).