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Controllers MELSEC iQ-R Series Product features -Advanced information-

OPC UA server module

The OPC UA server module realizes embedded OPC UA server which can be installed directly on the MELSEC iQ-R Series base unit. Using this module integrates the OPC UA server directly into the equipment.

Features<sup>Embedded OPC UA server configures a highly reliable system</sup>

  • Reliability improvement
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Promotes standardization of connectivity between the IT system and the shop floor with international standard OPC UA communication
  • The OPC UA server module improves reliability by eliminating the requirement for a computer-based server, which can be vulnerable to high security risks such as computer viruses. In addition, secure communication with certificate validation and user authentication can prevent theft, tampering, incorrect operation, and unauthorized execution due to unauthorized access by third parties
  • Less hardware maintenance is required, reducing overall system cost as industrial control systems have a longer product service life compared to computers

Specifications<sup>OPC UA server module software specifications</sup>

Item RD81OPC96
Profile Embedded 2017 UA Server Profile, OPC Spec Version 1.04
Encryption setting (security policy)*1
  • None: No security
  • Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss: AES 256-bit encryption + SHA-256
  • Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep: AES 128-bit encryption + SHA-256
  • Basic256Sha256: Basic 256-bit encryption + SHA-256
  • Basic256 (deprecated): Basic 256-bit encryption
  • Basic128Rsa15 (deprecated): Basic 128-bit encryption
Signature setting (security mode)
  • None: No security
  • Sign: Add signature
  • Sign & Encrypt: Add signature and encryption
User authentication setting
  • Anonymous
  • User ame/password
  • Certificate validation
Basic operating specifications
Connection method Ethernet IPv4
Simultaneously connected configuration software 1
Device memory input/output specifications
Max. number of tags 10000
Access device Max. number 8
Type RCPU, QCPU (Q mode), LCPU
Data collection period Max. number of definitions 8
Setting cycle 200 ms…24 h
Connected OPC UA clients
Max. number of connections 15
Connectable Ethernet port CH1

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