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MELSEC iQ-R Series

AnyWireASLINK Master Module

AnyWireASLINK is a sensor-level network that realizes a smaller installation space and reduces wiring owing to its easy wiring topology. The ability to monitor the network system from a centralized location reduces commissioning time and improves productivity.

Preventive maintenance by monitoring of sensor status

Using the AnyWireASLINK system, parameter settings of each sensor and actual measurement values can be monitored on the control system with changes reflected easily to sensors on the network.

Various devices connected with less wiring

Overall wiring of various sensors can be reduced using the AnyWireASLINK connection system.

  • ASLINKER (2-wire general-purpose I/O device)
  • ASLINKTERMINAL (general-purpose I/O terminal for 4/8/16 points)
  • ASLINKSENSOR (sensor directly connected to AnyWireASLINK)
  • ASLINKAMP (sensor amplifier connecting a general-purpose sensor head)

AnyWireASLINK master module specifications

Item RJ51AW12AL
Max. number of I/O points 512 points (256 input points/256 output points)
Max. number of connectable modules 128 (varies according to each slave module's current consumption)
Overall cable distance*1 (m) 200*2
Topology Bus (multi-drop, T-branch, tree branch)
Communication clock (kHz) 27.0
Max. communication cable supply current*1 (A) 2 (when using 1.25 mm2 cable)
1 (when using 0.75 mm2 cable)
*1: The allowable value varies depending on the transmission cable supply current, total distance, or transmission cable (DP, DN) wire diameter. For details, please refer to the user's manual. *2: With the slave module having an integrated transmission cable (DP, DN) and module, the length of the transmission cable (DP, DN) is included in the overall length.