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MELSEC iQ-R Series

BACnet Module

BACnet® is a data communications protocol for building automation and control networks. It is utilized extensively in the building automation industry to allow the products of different manufacturers to communicate using a common protocol. The MELSEC iQ-R Series BACnet module supports the control of various automated building systems such as lighting control, HVAC and building security management. It realizes lower hardware costs, and improves the communications and maintenance between these different control systems.

Ideal for large-scale building automation

The MELSEC iQ-R Series BACnet module enables up to 4000 I/O object instances to be registered. It can monitor up to 10,000 points (RDMONB function), realizing large-scale automated building control systems capable of simultaneously managing many different devices such as sensors and drive equipment. It can be used in two modes, either controlling automated building devices as a BACnet® controller or managing/monitoring multiple controllers as a workstation.

Improve maintenance with backup of property values

Maintenance can be improved by enabling the backup of property values when power is lost to the control system. The MELSEC iQ-R Series BACnet module is equipped with MRAM memory for saving property values during power failures. By ensuring that data values are saved immediately before a power failure, recovery time and system maintenance are minimal. Property values are stored permanently, ensuing that values are not cleared automatically and realizing a reduction in downtime, which reduces maintenance costs.

BACnet module specifications

Item RJ71BAC96
Transmission specifications
Transmission rate (bps) 100M/10M
Communication mode Full-duplex/half-duplex
Transmission method Base band
Maximum segment length (m) 100 (distance between switching hub and node)
IP version IPv6/IPv4
BACnet®*1 specifications (number of registrations capable)
Input/output objects*2 4000 Instance
CA objects 300 Instance
SC objects 100 Instance
TL objects 200 Instance
NC objects 50 Instance
BDABR 2176 points in total
RDMONB 10000 points in total
*1: BACnet® complies with the following BACnet® standards: IEIEJ-P-0003:2000 addendum-a (ANSI/ASHRAE135-2001), IEIEJ-G-0006:2006 addendum-a (ANSI/ASHRAE135-2004), ANSI/ASHRAE135-2004 (ISO16484-5-2003) and ANSI/ASHRAE135-2010. *2: For details on the input/output objects, please refer to the “MELSEC iQ-R BACnet Module User's Manual (Application)”.