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MELSEC iQ-R Series

CANopen® Module

CANopen® is a CAN-based communication system developed and maintained by CAN in Automation (CiA®) users and manufacturers group. Based on the CAN bus, the module supports the open and reliable CANopen® network, combining low cost with high performance and can be used in industries such as industrial automation, medical equipment, transportation, and maritime electronics.

Integrated network configuration

Data flows transparently between the sensor level and the management level across multiple industry-standard automation networks. By utilizing the MELSEC iQ-R CANopen® network module, CANopen®-supported third-party devices can be easily integrated into the complete control system architecture.

Reduce development time

The CANopen® module can be easily setup using the CANopen® configuration tool equipped with a graphic user interface that is familiar to CANopen® users, and supporting various functions, such as process data objects (PDO), service data objects (SDO), and network management (NMT). It can also be setup using the label (variable) programming and refresh setting of GX Works3. Connection to the module is simple using either a USB cable or an Ethernet connection from a computer, enabling programming and maintenance of the CANopen® network.

CANopen® module specifications

Item RJ71CN91
Network topology CAN bus network (RS-485, CSMA/CR)
Supported network protocol CANopen®, CAN
Supported communication service*1 CiA®-301 V4.2, CiA®-302 V4.1, CiA®-305 V2.2
Supported device/application profile*1 CiA®-405 V2.0 (Interface and device profile for IEC 61131-3 programmable devices)
Remote transmit request (RTR) CANopen 405 mode: Not supported for PDO
11-bit CAN-ID Layer 2 message mode and 29-bit CAN-ID Layer 2 message mode: Supported
Communication data size
(CANopen®405 mode)
4 words x 256 (TPDO), 4 words x 256 (RPDO)
Selectable Node ID 1...127
Communication method Acyclic, cyclic, or event-driven
Transmission speed (bps) 1M/800k/500k/250k/125k/100k/50k/20k/10k
Maximum cable length 5000 m (10 kbps), 2500 m (20 kbps), 1000 m (50 kbps), 600 m (100 kbps),
500 m (125 kbps), 250 m (250 kbps), 100 m (500 kbps), 50 m (800 kbps), 25 m (1 Mbps)
Interface Two-piece pluggable terminal block
Setup software
CANopen® configuration tool SW1DNN-CANOPCT-BD*2
*1: Compliant with CiA® standards.
*2: To obtain the software, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric office or representative.