MELSEC iQ-R Series

CC-Link system master/local module

  • The module enables high-speed transmission of bit data such as ON/OFF status and word data such as analog information between devices.

  • RJ61BT11
    • RJ61BT11


System configuration that meets control requirements

  • Extensive partner devices
  • CC-Link incorporates many different field devices that can be configured into a wire-saving communications network
  • Using the remote device net mode, it is possible to connect up to 64 remote devices, such as analog I/O modules

System configuration that meets control requirements

*1.Remote net mode

*2.Remote device net mode

CC-Link system master/local module specifications

Item RJ61BT11
Compatible network CC-Link
Communication speed (bps) 156k/625k/2.5M/5M/10M
Maximum stations per network*3 65
Network topology*4 Bus (RS-485)
Connection cable Ver.1.10-compatible
CC-Link dedicated cable
Max. station-to-station distance (m)
Overall cable distance (m) 100 (10 Mbps)…1200 (156 kbps)
Maximum link points per network
Remote input (RX), remote output (RY) 8192 points
Remote register (RWr, RWw) 2048 points
Link relay (LB)
Link register (LW)

*3.Includes a master station.

*4.Please use a managed Ethernet switch supporting CC-Link IE TSN (class B) recommended by the CC-Link Partner Association for the CC-Link IE TSN master/local module (RJ71GN11-T2) and CC-Link IE TSN Plus master/local module (RJ71GN11-EIP).