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MELSEC iQ-R Series

GP-IB Interface Module

GP-IB (General Purpose Interface Bus) is a communication standard complying with IEEE 488.1 and used for variety of devices from computers to measuring equipment.
The module can be implemented into devices having an GP-IB interface utilizing its features and functions.

Connection to GP-IB devices

Up to 14 GP-IB-supporting devices can be connected when using the module as a controller. Features such as data exchange, reading the operating status, initialization of device dedicated functions, and startup from the programmable controller are supported. In addition, when used as a device, data send and receive requests from the GP-IB controller are supported, together with control by interface messages.

Item RJ71GB91
Transmission method 8 bits parallel transmission
Interface IEEE 488.1 compliant
Network topology Star topology, daisy chain topology
Cable length 2 m or less per interface module (overall cable distance 20 m)
Max. 4 m when used for one to one connection
Max. number of connectable devices 15 (includes GP-IB interface module)
Max. number of data that can be sent/received (byte) 32360 (send)
32360 (receive)
Max. data transfer speed (per second)*1 100K bytes (when one device is connected to one GP-IB interface module)
*1: The transfer speed of the slowest device among the connected devices.