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MELSEC iQ-R Series

CC-Link IE Field Network Remote Head Module

The CC-Link IE Field head module can control the I/O and intelligent function modules directly when installed on the same base unit, and can operate as a network remote station. Installing two remote head modules improves network reliability by having redundant network lines, and supports online module replacement (hot-swap) when a module needs to be changed while the system is still in operation.

Distributed control or redundant system can be easily realized

Wiring and space saving distributed control system
Realize a highly scalable distributed control system by combining with various I/O and intelligent function modules.

Remote station with redundant head modules and network
Network system reliability can be improved by installing redundant head modules and redundant network cables; even if an error occurs in one of the head modules, the network standby module can take over without disrupting network communications and initiates the control system to switch to the standby system. In addition, if one of the head modules is replaced, the settings and parameters are automatically transferred to the standby module and re-initialized.

CC-Link IE Field Network remote head module specifications

Item RJ72GF15-T2
Transmission speed 1 Gbps
Network topology Line topology, star topology (both types can be on the same line), and ring topology
Communication cable Ethernet cable (Category 5e or higher, double shielded/STP)
Max. station-to-station distance (m) 100
Overall cable distance (m) Line topology: 12,000 (when 121 stations are connected)
Star topology: Depends on the system configuration
Ring topology: 12,100 (when 121 stations are connected)
SIL 2-compliant *1
Max. number of link points per network
Remote input (RX), remote output (RY) 16K points (16384 points, 2K bytes)
Remote register (RWw, RWr) 8K points (8192 points, 16K bytes)
*1: When used together with a SIL 2 redundant control system. (SIL 2 is supported in the module firmware version of "04" or later.)