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MELSEC iQ-R Series

CC-Link IE TSN module

The CC-Link IE TSN module can operate either as a master or local station. Control communication requiring real-time performance and TCP/IP communication can be mixed, maximizing CC-Link IE TSN performance and functionality.

Combining real-time control and TCP/IP communications

Supporting standard Ethernet enables various network-compatible devices and diagnostic software to be used, realizing an integrated network infrastructure that is easy to maintain. Ethernet communications supporting TCP/IP communication such as information that has been collected and analyzed by edge devices and IT systems can be mixed in the same line with the real-time control communications of CC-Link IE TSN.

Easy replacement of slave devices

Network station parameters that are stored in the CPU module are automatically distributed to slave modules when initializing the network and when returning disconnected stations to the network. Individual registration of the parameters to each station is unnecessary after replacing slave devices.

CC-Link IE TSN module specifications

Item RJ71GN11-T2
Communication speed 1 Gbps/100 Mbps
Maximum stations per network*1 121
Network topology Line, star*2, ring
Communication cable Ethernet cable (Category 5e or higher)
Max. station-to-station distance (m) 100
Overall cable distance (m) Line: 12,000
Ring: 12,100
Star: Depends on the system configuration
Max. number of networks 239
Maximum link points per network
Remote input (RX), remote output (RY) 16384 points, 2K byte
Remote register (RWw, RWr) 8192 points, 16K byte
Link relay (LB) 32768 points, 4K byte
Link register (LW) 16384 points, 32K byte
Firmware update*3 ‚óŹ
*1. Master station is included.
*2. Line topology and star topology can be mixed.
*3. For more information, please refer to the relevant product manual.