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MELSEC iQ-R Series


PROFINET® is an industrial network developed and managed by PROFIBUS&PROFINET International (PI). PROFINET® is a well-known and widely used network originating from Europe.

Connection to a PROFINET® network

Controller module
The RJ71PN92 module operates as an IO controller and supports integration into control systems based on the PROFINET® network.

Device module
The RJ71PN93 module operates as an IO device and supports data exchange to an IO controller on the PROFINET® network. The module supports the line, star, and ring network topologies. The module can operate as an MRC (Media Redundancy Client) in the ring topology.

PROFINET® IO Controller module specifications

Item RJ71PN92
Data exchange
Max. input data length per network (word) 4096
Max. output data length per network (word) 4096
Max. input data length per IO device (byte) 1437
Max. output data length per IO device (byte) 1437
Cycle time (ms) 512 (max.), 1 (min.)*1
Service interface
Maximum transmission capacity per request (byte) 4116
Maximum number of connectable IO devices 128
Data transmission speed*2 (bps) 1G/100M/10M
*1: The cycle time depends on the number of IO devices and the input/output data length.
*2: Data communications at 100 Mbps is recommended.

PROFINET® IO Device module specifications

Item RJ71PN93
Data exchange
Max. I/O data length (byte) 1024 (Total size of the I/O data)*3
Cycle time (ms) 512 (max.), 2 (min.)
PROFINET communication specifications Conformance Class B
MRP (Media redundancy protocol) MRC*4
Data transmission speed*2 (bps) 100M/10M
*3: For details on I/O data, refer to the MELSEC iQ-R PROFINET IO Device Module User's Manual (Application).
*4: The RJ71PN93 operates as an MRC in a ring topology. To perform communications in the ring topology, a device in the ring topology has to operate as the MRM (Media redundancy manager).