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Controllers MELSEC iQ-R Series Product features -System Recorder-

System recorder related software

GX VideoViewer

Playback of recorded video up to four screens, while freely playing forward one frame, fast-forwarding, and rewinding. Each video can be linked to check in the same timeline. Color-coded log markers can be added to the video timeline, which is useful for analyzing among multiple personnel and inspection. Log markers are synchronized with related engineering software.

GX VideoViewer Pro

In addition to the GX VideoViewer functions, GX VideoViewer Pro automatically extracts differences in a video feed and easily identify an error cause. Differences in the video feed from normal patterns generated during normal operation are extracted based on “appearance (color, shape, position, etc.)” and “operation (movement amount in unit time)”, then log markers are automatically added. The error cause can be easily identified in two steps; model generation and difference extraction.

GX LogViewer

GX LogViewer allows observation of device values, which represent quantities that change over time, by zooming in and out of waveforms similar to an oscilloscope. Difference can be checked by superimposing multiple waveforms and observed from repeated patterns and such.

GX Works3

Program steps can be followed and device value changes can be checked by synchronizing the recorded system recorder data with log markers. Data flow analysis visualizes device values and programs affecting the data value change, helping to identify the cause of faults. This can reduce analysis time. Supported programs which synchronize with log markers include not only ladder programs but also function blocks that are easy to follow from the program.

GT Designer3

Screen creation software for GOT (HMI).
GOT (HMI) display/operation log/alarm history can be displayed offline by synchronizing with other applications, making it easier to visualize an error.

For details on how to obtain the above software, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.

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