FR-E Series

Wide range of applications

The extended range of capacities and dimensions supports various applications.

Supporting various systems and environments

Water treatment plant
Painting line
  • Expanded capacity range
The FR-E820-11K to 22K models and the FR-E840-11K to 22K models are added. The capacity range is extended as compared to the preceding FR-E700 inverters.
Approximately 20% less space is required for installation in an enclosure as compared to the layout using our FR-A820-22K inverters.Users can select the most suitable layout in a given space. (Note that the installation depth is greater when the plug-in option is connected.)
  • When the surrounding air temperature is 40°C or less, multiple inverters can be installed side-by-side.
  • Since multiple ratings are supported, the inverter can be used to drive a 30 kW motor.
  • Improved environmental resistance
Various applications are supported by allowing for corrosive environments or a wide range of surrounding air temperatures.
  • Surrounding air temperatures between -20°C and 60°C*1 are supported. (-10°C to +50°C for the FR-E700)
  • Inverters with circuit board coating (IEC 60721-3-3 3C2)*2 are available for improved environmental resistance.
  • *1: Derating required for 50°C or higher
  • *2: Coated model (-60/-06) only.

Effective solution for downsizing equipment

Building water pumps
  • Multiple rating
For the three-phase input model, two rating types of different rated current and permissible load can be selected by setting parameters. The choice of inverters is widened for intended applications of users. When users select the LD rating for light duty applications, inverters with smaller capacities can be used as compared to the FR-E700 series inverters. For example, when the LD rating (light duty) is selected for a 22K inverter, the inverter can drive a motor with a capacity up to 30 kW.
Load Rating Overload current rating
Light duty LD rating 120% 60 s, 150% 3 s (inverse-time characteristics) at surrounding air temperature of 50℃
Normal duty ND rating 150% 60 s, 200% 3 s (inverse-time characteristics) at surrounding air temperature of 50℃

Optimizing the layout inside the enclosure

Side-by-side installation
  • Flexible installation
When the surrounding air temperature is 40°C or less, multiple inverters can be installed side-by-side. Users can select the most suitable layout for the intended installation area.

Enabling installation in various environments

Automotive production line
  • IP67 models (400 V class: 0.75K to 3.7K) To be supported soon
Installation outside of the enclosure enables installation closer to machines (FR-E846). Since the inverter is compatible with hostile environments such as high humidity and dusty environments, users can easily install the inverter near the machine or in available spaces.
It is possible to reduce line noise by shortening the wiring length between the inverter and the motor.

Improving productivity with shorter tact time by the enhanced regeneration function

Automated warehouse
Airport baggage conveyor
  • Built-in brake transistor
With the enhanced power regeneration capability (brake duty: 100% max.), deceleration time can be shortened.*3
  • *3:For 200 V class 0.4K and 0.75K models, the brake duty is 30% ED maximum when the lowest resistance value is used. The brake resistor must have a sufficient capacity to consume the regenerative power.
    For 200 V class 0.1K and 0.2K models, brake transistors are not built in.
  • Increased excitation deceleration
When the increased magnetic excitation deceleration function is used, the motor consumes the regenerative power and the deceleration time can be reduced without using a brake resistor.
The tact time can be reduced for a transfer line or the like.