FR-E Series

Energy saving

Use of induction motors or PM motors contributes to energy saving.

Energy saving with motors

  • PM motor

The PM motor achieves even higher efficiency as compared to the general-purpose motor.
The setting for driving PM motors is enabled just by setting parameters.

Why is a PM motor so efficient?

  • No current flows to the rotor (secondary side), and no secondary copper loss is generated.
  • Magnetic flux is generated with permanent magnets, and less motor current is required.

Supporting step-by-step energy saving solution

  • Compatibility with both induction motors and PM motors

Further energy saving operation is enabled by using IE3/IE4 induction motors or permanent magnet embedded (PM) motors.
FR-E800 inverters support both induction motors and PM motors, enabling step-by-step replacement of existing devices. Users can replace inverters first and then motors. There is no need to replace them all at once.

Energy saving with inverters

  • Advanced optimum excitation control
A large starting torque can be provided with the same motor efficiency under Optimum excitation control. Without the need of troublesome adjustment of parameters (acceleration/deceleration time, torque boost, etc.), acceleration is done in a short time. Also, energy saving operation with the utmost improved motor efficiency is performed during constant-speed operation.
When Advanced magnetic flux vector control is selected, Advanced optimum excitation control is available.
  • Energy saving monitoring
The energy saving effect can be checked using an operation panel, output terminal, or network.
The output power amount measured by the inverter can be output in pulses. The cumulative power amount can be easily checked.*1
*1: This function cannot be used as a meter to certify electricity billings.

Energy saving with the regenerative option

  • Power regeneration function (optional)

While the motor rotates to drive the machine during power driving, the machine rotates the motor during regenerative driving, which results in energy saving since the motor serves as a generator which returns the power to the power supply.
By using the multifunction regeneration converter (FR-XC) as a common converter, the power returned from an inverter during regenerative drive can be supplied to another inverter, which in turn saves energy.
Only the FR-XC in power regeneration mode is available for the FR-E800-SCE.