FR-E Series

Downtime reduction

When a fault occurs, AI analysis and other diagnosis functions solve the problem quickly.

Streamlining the installation process

  • Compatible installation size

The installation size was determined to assure exchangeability with the FR-E700 series. Installation interchange attachment options are available for facilitating replacement with the models of different size.
(The depth required for installation increases by 12 mm.)

Quick reaction to troubles

  • Power supply from USB port

With the power supplied from the computer (USB bus power connection)*1, parameters can be set using FR Configurator2 while the main circuit power supply is OFF.
Maintenance can be performed quickly and safely.

  • *1: The maximum SCCR should be 500 mA. A PU connector cannot be used during USB bus power connection.

Easy and fast wiring

  • Control circuit terminal
  • Spring clamp terminals have been adopted for control circuit terminals for easy wiring.
    Furthermore, wires can be protected against loosening or contact faults due to vibrations during operation on a bogie or during transport. No additional screw tightening is required.
  • The removable control circuit terminal block facilitates replacement with a new one.
FR-E800 FR-E800-E FR-E800-SCE
Input terminal 7 2 0
Output terminal Open collector 2 0 0
Relay 1 1 1

Troubleshooting supported by AI technology

  • AI fault diagnosis

The inverter is connected to the engineering software FR Configurator2 (USB/Ethernet connection).
Maisart*2 (Mitsubishi Electric's AI technology) is integrated in the software to analyze data and help identify the cause of a fault*3 (this function is enabled during speed control).
This function enables the fastest troubleshooting procedure without requiring any special skills, which contributes to downtime reduction.

  • *2: Maisart is Mitsubishi Electric's brand of AI technology. The name stands for "Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology". This means that it is using our proprietary AI technology to make everything smarter.
  • *3: Diagnosable faults: Overcurrent trip, Overvoltage trip, Inverter overload trip (electronic thermal relay function), Motor overload trip (electronic thermal relay function). (other faults will be supported in the future.)

Trouble analysis from a remote location

  • Trace function
The operating status (output frequency or other data) immediately before the protective function is activated can be stored in a data file.
Users can read the data file in FR Configurator2 for graph display or send it by e-mail to someone away from the worksite, which facilitates the trouble analysis.
  • Clock function
Setting the time*4 enables the user to specify the protective function activation time. The date and time are also saved with the trace data, making the fault analysis easier. Time synchronization via CC-Link IE TSN communication is available for the Ethernet model.
It is possible to synchronize the internal clocks of the devices that comprise the CC-Link IE TSN communication.
  • *4: The clock does not run while the control circuit power is OFF. The clock needs to be set every time after turning ON the inverter power.
    By using the real-time clock function with the optional LCD operation panel (FR-LU08) (when using battery), the clock keeps running even when the control power supply is turned OFF.