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MELSERVO-JE Series Servo Amplifier

High System Performance by SSCNETIII / H

Improving system response
High-speed Communication Industry leading levels JE-B

Communication speed has achieved 150 Mbps full duplex (equivalent to 300 Mbps half duplex).
System response is dramatically improved.
* MR-JE-B is connectable only with SSCNET III/H compatible Simple Motion module (FX5-40SSC-S, QD77MS, LD77MS, and RD77MS).

Smooth control
Communication Cycle of 0.44 ms JE-B

Smooth control of machine is possible using high-speed serial communication with cycle times of 0.44 ms.

Increasing machine performance
Deterministic and Synchronized CommunicationJE-B

Deterministic and Synchronized Communication

Complete deterministic and synchronized communication is achieved with SSCNET III/H, offering technical advantages in machines such as printing and food processing machines that require synchronous accuracy.

Multi-axis system is easily configured
Maximum 16 Axes per System JE-B

Multi-axis system is easily configured

Up to 16 servo amplifier axes are connectable per system, making it easy to configure a multi-axis system.

* MR-JE-B servo amplifier is equipped with hot line forced stop function. When an alarm occurs on MR-JE-B servo amplifier, the hot line forced stop signal will be sent to other servo amplifiers through a controller, and all the servo motors that are operated normally by MR-JE-B servo amplifiers decelerate to a stop.

Improved noise tolerance
No Transmission Collision JE-B

No Transmission Collision

The fiber-optic cables thoroughly shut out noise that enters from the power cable or external devices. Noise tolerance is dramatically improved as compared to metal cables.

Fast and Accurate

Class top-level speed frequency response
2.0 kHz Speed Frequency Response JE-BJE-A

Class top-level speed frequency response

The top-level speed frequency response of 2.0 kHz shortens the settling time substantially, reducing the tact time of a machine.

Exact positioning
High-Resolution EncoderJE-BJE-A

Exact positioning

The servo motor equipped with an incremental encoder* of 131072 pulses/rev (17-bit) enables high-accuracy positioning and smooth rotation.
* MR-JE-A is not compatible with absolute position detection system.

Further smooth operation
Max Command Pulse Frequency of 4 Mpulses/s JE-A

MR-JE-A having a general-purpose interface is compatible with the maximum command pulse frequency of 4 Mpulses/s, enabling smooth operation.

Smooth, constant-speed operation
Reduced Torque Ripple during Conduction JE-BJE-A

By optimizing the combination of the number of motor poles and the number of slots, torque ripple during conduction is greatly reduced. Smooth constant-velocity operation of a machine is achieved.

Compatible with pulse train and analog
Flexible Command Interface JE-A

The command interface of MR-JE-A is compatible with both pulse train command and analog voltage command. The MR-JE-A servo amplifier enables position control with pulse train command, and speed and torque control with analog voltage command.

Eco-Friendly Performance

Reduce waste in energy consumption
Efficient Utilization of Regenerative Energy JE-BJE-A

Reduce waste in energy consumption

Capacity of the main circuit capacitor is increased by 20% as compared to that of the prior model, and thus the charging capacity is increased, enabling larger regenerative energy to be reused as driving power energy. Additionally, because the control circuit and the main circuit use a common power supply, the regenerative energy is also used for the control circuit, reducing waste in energy consumption.

Visualize power consumption
Power Monitor JE-BJE-A

Driving power and regenerative energy are calculated from the data in the servo amplifier such as speed and current, and the power consumption is monitored with MR Configurator2. Visualization of the power consumption helps to save energy.

Achieve further energy saving
Saving Energy with Advanced Technologies JE-BJE-A

Saving energy by improving machine performance

The servo amplifiers and the servo motors with the industry-leading level of high performance reduce machine tact time and operation time, resulting less energy consumption.

Saving energy by improving machine performance

Reducing energy loss of the servo amplifier

Efficiency is increased by the use of a new power module. Energy loss of the servo amplifier itself is reduced.

Reducing energy loss of the servo amplifier