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MR Configurator2

User-friendly Software for Easy Setup,Tuning and Operation

Harness the Full Potential of Servo Performance through MELSOFT MR Configurator2

Increasing efficiency in startup, debugging, and maintenance with various features

MELSOFT MR Configurator2 Offers Various Features for Ease of Use

Servo Assistant Function Promoting Efficiency in Setting Work

Complete setting up the servo amplifier just by following guidance displays.
Setting parameters and tuning are easy since related functions are called up with shortcut buttons.

Function/List Display for Servo Parameter Setting

Function display or List display is selectable for parameter settings.

Function display

Parameters can be set axis by axis while confirming the detailed explanation for the parameter.
With Docking help and pull-down list, parameters can be set without having to refer to manuals.

List display

Multiple axes can be displayed at once in the list and set altogether, enhancing efficiency in system design.
Other axes data can be reused via copy & paste.

More Efficient Startup and Adjustment

Servo Status at a Glance via Servo Monitor

Servo amplifier and motor data are monitored through various monitor items.
▪ Batch display    ▪ ABS data display    ▪ System configuration
▪ Alarm display    ▪ Alarm onset data    ▪ No motor rotation

Batch display

Monitor items such as Unit power consumption, Unit total power consumption, etc. can be monitored in real time.

ABS data display
(Absolute position data display)

This function displays "Absolute encoder data" and "Motor rotations No." calculated based on the home position saved in the servo amplifier. The difference between the encoder data from the servo motor and the actual machine position can be checked during startup work.

ABS data display

System configuration

Various servo amplifier and motor information can be checked at a glance. For example, the model names of the servo amplifiers on the cabinet and servo motors installed in the machine.

System configuration

Alarm display

MELSERVO-J4 series indicates servo alarms in three digits.
This enables you to identify the specific error causes via the displayed error No., making troubleshooting easier.

No motor rotation

In case that the target axis does not rotate, the cause for that failure can be obtained from servo amplifiers, which ensures smooth and faster startup.

Selective Servo Adjustment

An ideal servo adjustment is realized with various servo adjustment features.

Easy servo adjustment with the One-touch tuning

▪ The One-touch tuning function displays the adjusted settling time and the overshoot amount.

▪ After one-touch tuning, the control gain can be fine-tuned further on the "Tuning" window. This allows you to pursue more precise, accurate performance.

Real-time servo adjustment by Auto tuning

The Auto tuning function is effective even for a high rigidity machine.
While this function is enabled, the optimum servo adjustment is executed in real time.

Advanced servo adjustment

A variety of servo adjustment functionalities is offered, enabling more sophisticated, high-level adjustment.

▪ The machine resonance frequency can be measured through waveforms displayed by Machine analyzer function.

▪ Machine resonance suppression can be implemented by setting the filter and the vibration suppression control from the "Tuning" screen

▪ Adjustment results can be viewed in Graph function.

▪ The waveforms of before/after the adjustment can be visually compared by overwriting the graphs.

Servo Diagnosis Features Boost Ease of Maintenance

Various tools are available for more efficient maintenance of servo amplifiers and motors.

Check the status of alarm occurrence with large capacity Drive recorder of servo amplifier

Servo data (motor current and position command, etc.) of before/after the error can be read from the Drive recorder for error cause analysis. Monitor values and waveforms of up to 16 alarms occurred can be checked.

Servo amplifier life diagnosis function preventing system downtime in advance

The Servo amplifier life diagnosis function displays cumulative operation time and on/off times of inrush relay, providing an indication of replacement time for servo amplifier parts such as capacitors and relays.

Fully closed loop diagnosis

The load-side feedback pulses from an external encoder, the polarity and the electronic gear settings can be viewed on the screen at a glance, enabling shorter adjustment time.

Linear diagnosis

The feedback pulses from an external linear encoder, the polarity and the resolution settings can be checked at a glance, enabling shorter adjustment time.

Machine diagnosis function providing machine aging information for preventive maintenance

This function estimates and displays machine friction and vibration based on data in normal operation.
Machine aging can be checked by comparing the initial machine operation data with that after years of usage. This is beneficial for preventive maintenance.