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Electrical Discharge MachinesMV1200R   Features

Basic information

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Model nameMV1200R
OverviewHigh-performance wire-cut EDM
High-performance model innovating the next-generation of high-performance machines
Sales statusOn sale


Opening the door to IoT New type control unit “D-CUBES”

By improving machining accuracy and utilizing IoT technology, we will support customer productivity improvement, with innovation technology, manufacturing will be on the next stage

Machining accuracy & Stability

Next-generation drive system and optimum machine structure
* Equipped with a linear shaft motor(LSM)
* Circular accuracy within 1μ is realized using optical drive system(ODS).

Automatic wire threading

Advanced technologies for greatly improved productivity
* New annealing system greatly improves wire threading with a curl ratio of less than 10%.
* Wire break point insertion is greatly improved for thick workpieces.
* Wire threading suitable for workpiece shape. (jet on/off and submerged break point insertion)


Advanced Productivity
* Surface roughness improvements are realized through enhanced power supply performance for high speed machining.
* Surface finish reduced by 50% by machining with only 2 cuts.
* Machining time comparison for Rz 3.5 μm/Ra 0.45 μm with 3 cuts.


Excellent performance with "Easy operation", "human error reduction" and "connect ability" supporting productivity improvement for customers.
* Information is displayed on a large 19-inch screen.
* Functions to be viewed or used are called by one touch from the HOME screen.
* The number of operations performed on the Navigation menu from setup to machining is reduced by almost 40%. (as compared to the past)
* Setup performance is improved by a thin hand pendant box with LED.

Energy savings, low operating cost

Consideration for the environment and cost reduction
* The operating cost of the machine can be viewed on the cost management screen.
This is useful for budget planning.

ADVANCE PLUS control and High-value-added function is
available (option)

* Digital-FS power supply (Option)
* φ0.05,φ0.07 automatic wire threading (Option)
* Angle Master ADVANCE II (Option)